Bum Treerak wants to clear up after rumors of leaving the industry to go to America. Because I was left by a man!

Do you still remember the famous past?

Dent: I remember because it was criticized harder than the navel during that time. And the waist was only 22 at the time, the pants were only worn one night, only 7 inches, which was considered the favorite of the two girls. People in the industry like Sena Hoi took this dress to shreds. and brought him to play until he was born at that time In terms of sporting events, every school will have a uniform like this. Maybe it’s because we are the first Thai female singers who flirt with men. considered very legendary

Ever been the heroine of a ghost drama?

Bum: At that time, Channel Three was looking for a heroine, Mae Nak, and we went to apply. Who was looking for a person with a Thai face and fierce eyes, long hair, accidentally fortunately, so we were chosen to be a heroine. There is Nak Phra Khanong, along with Tide Ekkaphan Bunluerit, who everyone says is the most fierce-eyed female spirit. considered a pride

Why did you decide to leave the industry to live in America?

Five: We feel that the age of 32 has reached the point of saturation. But not because of heartache Because at that time we decided to walk out alone. We caught him talking that we didn’t see a future together. Our dream is to go to further study. Until then we had no debt. And we felt we might not come back to Thailand, so we told him, who after 3 years felt he couldn’t wait. So we told him that let him live a new life

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