Bumrungrad launches Radiology AI, an artificial intelligence in radiology

At present, the trend of artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that people around the world are paying attention to and keeping an eye on. Today, AI has played an important role in analyzing huge amounts of data. To help develop different types of businesses and industries and relate more to human life in a variety of ways. One of them is the medical field. It is undeniable that AI is an important mechanism for improving medical efficiency.

At the press conference, The Evolution of Medical Imaging Technology, Athirat woman pharmacist Jarukit Phiphat Chief Executive Officer Bumrungrad Hospital discussed the vision and direction of Bumrungrad which continuously focuses on medical innovation It can be seen that in the past Bumrungrad has embraced new technology innovations. suitable for use in hospitals as the country’s top, both in the research study and the introduction of innovation and advanced medical technology especially in AI, Big Data, Genomics, and Scientific Wellness, to benefit both medical practitioners. medical personnel multidisciplinary To provide comprehensive care for patients in every aspect of the treatment process to achieve the best results. Taking into account the safety of patients is important.

For the application of AI in radiology at Bumrungrad Considered to be very outstanding Due to the introduction of technology as the first department in the hospital, ‘radiologists’ are at the forefront of medicine in the digital era. Looking back since 2000 or 22 years ago, Bumrungrad started using Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), which is a system used to store Medical Images (Medical Images) or radiographs. With the transmission of image data in digital format for the first time, later in 2001, it was the first year to introduce Computed Radiography imaging technology, which is the use of image plates or image plates instead of film. with an image reader to read the data on the disc before sending it through the computer system Doctors can read the results either on film printing or on a computer, and later in 2007 it was developed into full digital. By using a sensor system or a large image receiver (detector) instead of using the traditional image receiving plate. By processing and realizing the image results in a fraction of a second without a reading device.

Dr.. Alongkorn Kiatdilokrat Deputy Head of Radiology Department and a doctor specializing in radiology Bumrungrad Hospital revealed that “Recently, Bumrungrad has introduced Radiology AI, an artificial radiology intelligence, into the hospital. As a radiologist’s assistant for screening, analysis and diagnosis along with identifying the location of lung abnormalities and early breast cancer. Radiology AI is considered a deep learning AI, a deep learning model. It is an algorithm that uses a virtual neural network. By mimicking the functions of the human nervous system with connected neurons, Radiology AI communicates through processing that is much deeper than machine learning and can continue to process itself. This technology has been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2021. Importantly, Radiology AI provides state-of-the-art diagnostics, is stable, accurate, and fast using the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. which is accepted in the world

Bumrungrad has used Radiology AI technology in its health screening centers. The critical patient department (ICU), emergency department and other departments are divided into 2 parts: 1. Radiology INSIGHT CXR will be used to analyze 100,000 chest X-ray images per year, and 2. Radiology INSIGHT MMG will be used to analyze breast cancer. Milk from a mammogram Bumrungrad aims to deliver the most valuable service to patients. by detecting cancer in a timely manner for successful treatment In addition to the expertise and experience of radiologists, Radiology AI also helps support Bumrungrad to drive innovative medical innovations to a world-class level.

Dr.. Patcharee Prasitworanan Doctor specializing in radiology Bumrungrad Hospital said, “According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2020, approximately 18,000 new Thai women were diagnosed with breast cancer per year, and approximately 4,800 deaths from breast cancer, or an average of 13 women per day. Breast is one of the most common cancers among Thai women and reports continue to grow every year. Therefore, women aged 40 and over should undergo a mammogram every year. Currently, Bumrungrad has introduced Artificial Intelligence for Mammograms, or Radiology INSIGHT MMG, that help screen, analyze and diagnose breast cancer on mammograms. previously Radiologists are already reading, interpreting, analyzing and diagnosing diseases from photographs, but the adoption of AI in medicine is It’s like having an assistant come help analyze In this part, it will increase the doctor’s diligence. Radiologists will use the results of Radiology AI for diagnosis. Breast cancer if diagnosed early and start appropriate treatment in a timely manner It will give patients a 5-year survival rate of up to 99%, but if diagnosed late. As a result, the 5-year survival rate is reduced to 86%, down to 29% as the cancer progresses, so early detection increases the chances of success in treating patients.”

on the side of Dr.. Kuruwin Limsamutphet Doctor specializing in radiology Bumrungrad Hospital Talk about artificial intelligence for lung X-rays or Radiology INSIGHT CXR as a radiologist’s assistant in detecting abnormalities in lung X-ray images such as lung cancer. This includes small points. in a position that is difficult to diagnose Tuberculosis in the symptomatic stage as well as helping to diagnose emergencies early, such as air leaks in the lungs which if a little wind leak Some patients may not have any symptoms or may be accompanied by chest pain. But if the radiologist can diagnose early and know the results early, the patient will not miss the opportunity for treatment. The research found that lung cancer patients If diagnosed at an early stage It will have a 5-year survival rate of 73%, but if diagnosed late. The 5-year survival rate is only 18%.

However, Radiology AI is not a replacement for radiologists. Instead, it is a supporting tool for the radiologist’s diagnostic and decision-making process. which will be a form of giving More than 60% of radiologists surveyed said they benefited from the adoption of Radiology AI to help analyze lung X-ray images. As for the Radiology AI software, there are still opportunities for continuous development to meet the needs of more efficient work. It is important and helps to improve the performance of Radiology AI even further for AI companies. Radiology AI also enhances collaboration between radiologists, AI and treating physicians. The most effective and effective treatment for the patient It is also an effective catalyst for the learning of the new generation of radiologists in a limited time.

Dr.. Alongkorn Kiatdilokrat Concluding the future cooperation Bumrungrad is likely to partner with Radiology AI developer in South Korea. and 20 leading hospitals around the world to jointly develop Radiology AI to make it even more intelligent. detect disease faster more accurate and can expand the scope of work in the diagnosis to cover more By this collaborative approach It is a very important starting point for the modern medical system, where AI is an important variable that will enhance the success of the medical field in all sectors. It also helps to promote the quality of life for people around the world as well.

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