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Bumrungrad launches treatment technology Enlarged prostate with steam – TheReporter.asia

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Nowadays, the elderly population is increasing steadily. The public health community around the world is concerned about health problems, especially in the elderly. One of the most common diseases in older men is enlarged prostate. That has a chance to be found up to 50% in men aged 50 and over and 70% in age 60 and over. If the longevity is up to 85 years or more, it is found to be up to 90% higher, which is associated with the disease. increasing age Most of the male patients who come to see the doctor are aged 50 years and over. They tend to have urinary incontinence. inability to hold urine Frequent urination at night Finished urinating but feeling incomplete, etc., which is an obstacle to daily life. However, the symptoms and severity of each person’s disease are different. The symptoms will be more or less. It does not depend on the size of the prostate.

Ms. Atirat Jarukitpipat Chief Executive Officer Bumrungrad Hospital said, “Bumrungrad Hospital is aware of the problem. Therefore, new technology has been introduced to treat disease. enlarged prostate with steam coming into use as the first in Thailand which is a method for treating patients with urinary incontinence caused by enlarged prostate disease Which is convenient, fast and safe, the technology of treating enlarged prostate with steam (Water Vapor Therapy) has research to support that it is effective. It has been accredited by the US Food and Drug Administration since 2015 and accredited by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand in early 2021. It is yet another testament to Bumrungrad’s upgrading of its Center of Excellence. Doctor (Center of Excellence) of the Urology Center and the hospital continuously to deliver effective, quality and safe treatment options.”

Dr. Wirot Chochoi, Head of Urology Center and a doctor specializing in urology surgery Bumrungrad Hospital said that the treatment of enlarged prostate with steam It is a new treatment technology. which is another treatment option for patients The treatment process takes a short time, is simple and safe. This will be suitable for 2 main groups of patients:

  1. Patients who took the drug and did not get satisfactory results. or get side effects from medications such as get up to urinate at night He had a faint, like fainting. or headache which is a result of the drug or in patients who are in the early stages of taking the drug and have better symptoms But later began to not work as satisfactory as it should. including those who do not want to take medicine for the rest of their lives, etc.
  2. Patients who need surgery but are hesitant Since most surgeries have side effects on sexual health, semen will not ejaculate upon climax. causing the patient to lose sexual satisfaction From the statistics after surgery, about 60 – 70% of those who have undergone surgery will find this problem. which, if it is, will not be able to recover while steam treatment Hardly any effect on sexual health Because the treatment methods are different

In the past, there were two main methods of treatment for enlarged prostate: 1. medication and 2. laparoscopic surgery. This is a standard surgery (Gold Standard), but there can be complications. have abnormal levels of electrolytes, have severe blood loss, or have to take medication for a long time This is not suitable for people with underlying diseases such as heart disease, stroke. Therefore, new treatment approaches have been developed. to destroy prostate cells There were several methods before. But it still has some disadvantages. Until developed as a treatment for prostate with steam (Water Vapor Therapy) is a modern medical technology that is highly safe. low risk few complications Less organs are less traumatized, recover faster, make those organs Return to physiological condition and be able to return to normal function as much as possible (Organ Reserve) and do not need to continue taking drugs. Importantly, it does not affect sexual health or has very little effect. As a result, patients can return to normal life faster.

Dr. Jaratpong Disaranan, a specialist in urologic surgery Bumrungrad Hospital said, “Steam therapy is suitable for patients with enlarged prostate, the size of 30-80 grams takes only 10-15 minutes and the patient can go home. don’t have to go to the hospital can lead a normal life This is because the treatment involves injecting steam at a temperature of 103°C into the prostate approximately 4-6 times depending on the size of the prostate. Each injection takes only 9 seconds, which in the first phase after treatment. the prostate becomes swollen incontinence The doctor therefore had to insert a temporary urinary catheter into the patient. On average, the catheter can be removed within a week, depending on the size of the prostate gland, if the size is large, the doctor will inject several steams. This causes the prostate to swell more and may require a longer urinary catheter. which the body will gradually Removes dead cells naturally Which normally takes about 3 months to see the best results of the treatment fully.”

Currently, there is a US report citing the effects of steam treatment of enlarged prostate in patients. It states that within five years, patients have a 10% chance of returning to the new medication and a 4% chance of returning for surgery or steam treatment, which is overall worthwhile. because it saves the cost of taking medicines on a regular basis Cost of follow-up every 3 months, such as ultrasound examination or to test the strength of the flow of urine (Uroflowmetry), etc., but the key is steam treatment. This will greatly reduce concerns about possible sexual health problems.

The urinary tract center Bumrungrad Hospital Committed to upgrading and improving treatment By using good results as a benchmark and being a Bumrungrad brand Including tracking and studying the world’s healing trends that there are new technological innovations. or new treatments To enhance the efficiency of treatment for more quality Taking into account the safety of patients is important.


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