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Bundesliga analysis Freiburg VS Stuttgart 23 January 2021

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Saturday, January 23, 2021



Time: 9:30 p.m.

Stadium: Schwarzwaldstadion

Live broadcast: –

Thai Price Rating: Always Stuttgart

04/02/19 Stuttgart 2-2 Freiburg (Bundesliga)

19/07/19 Freiburg 2-4 Stuttgart (club friendly)

19/09/20 Stuttgart 2-3 Freiburg (Bundesliga)

08/10/20 Freiburg 0-3 Stuttgart (club friendly)

24/12/20 Stuttgart 1-0 Freiburg (Def Be Pokal)

24/12/20 Lost Stuttgart 0-1 (Away, Def Be Phokal)

02/01/21 Won Hoffenheim 3-1 (Away, Bundesliga)

09/01/21 won Cologne 5-0 (Homecoming, Bundesliga)

17/01/21 lost to Bayern Munich 1-2 (away, Bundesliga)

20/01/21 wins Frankfurt 2-2 (home, Bundesliga)

24/12/20 won 1-0 Freiburg (H, Def Be Pokal)

02/01/21 defeated Leipzig 0-1 (Homecoming, Bundesliga)

10/01/21 Won Augsburg 4-1 (Away, Bundesliga)

16/01/21 Always Borussia Monchengladbach 2-2 (Home, Bundesliga)

20/01/21 defeated Armenia Bielefeld 0-3 (Away, Bundesliga)

German coach Christian Schreich’s Freiburg host has injured players Jonathan Schmid, Amir Brachy, Mark Flecken and Kwon Chang-Hun, but may Batist Santa Maria recovered and Nicolas Hufler was acquitted.

Make the team arrangement according to the 3-4-2-1 formula, Nicholas Hufler and Batist Santa Maria will return to start with Christian Gunter, Vincenzo Grifo, Ro Land Sallai, Manuel Goulde and Ermedin Demirovich with Meenils Petersen, Janik Haberer, Philippe Rhinehart, Dominic Heinz, Yannik Kaitel and Lino Tampelmann were supporters.

As for the visiting team of American coach Pellegrino Matarazzo, Clinton Mola, Lillian Elloff, Amadi Al Kaddi Oui and Maxime Avuya from injuries, and Nicolas Gonzalez and Silas Fun are both out of punishment.

Making a 3-4-3 team arrangement, Nicolas Gonzalez and Silas Fun seem to come back to life. Including adjusting the troops to send Daniel Di Davey to join forces with Gonzaro Gastro, Oriel Mangala, Mark-Oliver Camp, Valdemar Antoine, Bo Rna Sosa and Wataru Endo featuring Erik Thommie, Mateo Klimovich, Tunkey Kulibaly, Konstantinos Mavropanos, Atakan Karasor, Momo Sisse, Zaza Kaladzic, Marsin Kaminski and Philipp Forster are the reserves.

Freiburg (4-4-2): Florian Muller-Lucas Kubler, Kevin Schlotterbeck, Manuel Goulde, Christian Gunter-Roland Sallai, Nicolas Hufler, Batist Santa Maria, Vincenzo Grifo-Ermedin Demirovic, Lucas Schöler

Stuttgart (3-4-3): Gregor Kobel-Pascal Stensel, Valdemar Anton, Mark-Oliver Camp-Sila. Scandu, Wataru Endo, Oriel Mangala, Borna Zosa-Gonzaro Castro, Daniel Di Davey, Nicolas Gonzalez

The late Fireburg form was also excellent. When able to win 5 games in a row, even losing with draws in the last 2 games, but only lost one game from the past 9 games and still have a very strong home game

A recent form of Stuttgart has not recovered from overwhelming losses in the last game This resulted in a total defeat of 3 of the last 5 games and was able to win just one game from the past 6 matches. Make this match “The Eagle of the Black Forest” is still active and always promises. In the nest, at least the “White Horse” will always be harvested

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Expected score: Freiburg 1-1 Stuttgart

Cheering ball for sure: Black Forest Eagle

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