Bundestag lifts election exclusion of disabled people | TIME ONLINE

Disabled person People who are looked after by an assistant in all matters will no longer be excluded from the Bundestag and European elections on a flat-rate basis. The majority of the Bundestag has decided that. For the upcoming European elections, this reform comes too late. But on request, those affected may still vote on 26 May, because the Federal Constitutional Court last month had granted a corresponding request for urgent.

Affected are more than 80,000 people in Germany, for which a court has appointed a supervisor in all walks of life. Their general election exclusion was classified by the Federal Constitutional Court in February as unconstitutional.

Fully disabled disabled people will therefore just as well suffrage awarded as offenders, who are housed in a psychiatric hospital due to fault. They too were not allowed to vote until now.

In addition, a new passage has been added to the Federal Electoral Law, which deals with support options for voting. Thus, a voter who can not read or because of a disability can not cast his vote, can get help from another person. "The assistance is limited to technical assistance in the announcement of a choice made by the voter himself and expressed election decision," it says in the new regulation. "Inadmissible is an assistance that occurs under improper influence, the self-determined decision-making or decision of the voter replaced or changed or if there is a conflict of interest of the auxiliary person."

The changes come into force on 1 July. Further excluded from voting rights are citizens who have been deprived of this right by a court sentence. This is possible, for example, if someone is convicted of treason or electoral fraud.


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