Burger King’s 1/11 price adjustment for dim sum items will increase by up to 16 yuan next year

Burger King announced today that it will adjust its selling price, partly increased and partly decreased, with an average adjustment of 1.2%. The dim sum item will increase by up to NT$16; however, more than half of the items and delivery prices remain unchanged. Burger King Taiwan branch issued a press release, considering the current global and Taiwan market conditions, reviewing the product price structure and operating costs, starting from January 11, 2022, the price of some meals will be adjusted, some main meals will be reduced by NT$4, and some main meals will be reduced by NT$4. , Breakfast was increased by 4 to 10 yuan, with an average adjustment range of 1.2%, and more than half of the items maintained their original prices.

Burger King will adjust the price of 1/11 dim sum items up to 16 yuan next year. (Taken from the official website)

According to the content of the price adjustment announced by Burger King, the largest increase was 10 yuan for dim sum chicken, from 69 yuan to 85 yuan, an increase of 16 yuan; 5 chicken nuggets from 39 yuan to 49 yuan, an increase of 10 yuan. The ice cream, chocolate sundae and strawberry sundae will be increased from 18 yuan and 29 yuan to 20 yuan and 35 yuan respectively.

The main products of Burger King’s main meal are American peanut double crispy chicken burger set meal, strong bacon roast leg burger set meal, etc., reduced by 4 yuan; Angus series, Huabao set meal, etc. increased by 4 yuan; heavy series set meal Maintain the original price.

Dim sum and beverages are mainly reduced in commodities, including French fries, which are reduced by 2 to 3 yuan, black tea and green tea are reduced by 2 to 3 yuan, espresso sundae is reduced by 10 yuan, and other beverages remain at their original prices.

Maintain the original price of 5 items, including BK golden fried chicken, strong cheese potatoes, BK golden chicken wings (one wing and one leg), apple pie, summer limited fire roast beef/crispy chicken salad.


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