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Buriram infected with 41 new covids, 26 found in the area, 339 still in treatment.

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Buriram found 41 new cases of COVID-19, most of them were infected in the provincial area, 26 of them, 16,258 total recovered, 339 still in treatment, keeping an eye out for 32,838 people traveling from dark red/red/orange areas.

Today (29 Oct. 21) Emergency Response Operations Center Buriram Provincial Public Health Office Report on the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 or (Covid-19) new wave from April 1, 2021 to October 28, 2021 of Buriram province that today found There are 41 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 26 are infected in provincial areas, 15 are from outside the area, 6 are from provincial at risk and in provincial at risk. (found before entering detention) LQ 9 cases, total of 16,673 cumulative patients, 76 cumulative deaths, 16,258 recoveries, 339 still in treatment, distributed in various hospitals. in the provincial area

For the new cases, all 41 cases are distributed in 12 districts from a total of 23 districts, divided into 1 infected in Mueang District (1 in the area), 2 in Lam Plai Mat (2 in the area), 2 in the district. Khu Mueang 2 cases (in the area 1 case), Nong Ki district 17 cases (in the area 17 cases), Phlapphlachai district 6 cases (in the area 1 case), Huai Rat district 1 case (in the area 1 case), district Non Din Daeng 3 cases (3 in the area), 5 in Krasang district, 1 in Ban Kruat, 1 in Nong Hong, 1 in Chamni and 1 in Ban Mai Chaiyaphot.

The district with the most cumulative cases was Muang District with 1,718 cases, followed by Prakhon Chai District 1,574 cases, Satuek District 1,478 cases, Krasang District 1,444 cases, Lam Plai Mat District 1,362 cases, Ban Kruat District 822 cases. A total of 3,220 cases were eligible for investigation into the cumulative disease, divided into 2 new cases and 3,218 old cases. As for the surveillance of people arriving from the Crimson/Red/Orange areas, a total of 32,838 cases were isolated, 31,834 were quarantined at home and quarantined in Local 1004

At the same time, the bed situation COVID-19 patients Buriram Province total 4,798 beds occupy 334 beds left 4,464 empty beds divided into red patients total 27 beds occupy 20 beds 7 empty beds yellow patients total 181 beds 120 beds 61 empty beds and Green patients, total 4,590 beds, occupy 194 beds, 4,396 beds left empty.

However, although the number of new infections But the Buriram Communicable Disease Committee There are still strict control measures continued. To prevent the spread of infection, which now has people in the Buriram area have expressed their intention to register for vaccination in the amount of 1,016,670 people from the cumulative number of registered people through Buriram IC 1,086,200 people

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