“Buriram” on loan from the Director of Sapporo Academy Establish a system to develop the potential of the rising star

Strengthen the Academy! Buriram United’s “Thunder Castle” borrowed Jiro Kitahara, the director of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo Academy, to establish a system to develop children’s potential to become professional footballers in the future.

party move Buriram United’s “Thunder Castle” has, after the latest, announced the launch of the club’s new academy director from Japan, Jiro Kitahara, director of Hokkaido Academy Consado Club. Le Sapporo is currently helping to establish a system to develop the potential young players in the team’s academy.

For Jiro Kitahara to act as the new Director of the academy “Castell Thunder” is currently the director of the Academy, Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo, through which “Castell Thunder” sees the importance of youth development, therefore, has borrowed “Coach Jiro” Help install a system to develop our children’s potential to grow into professional footballers in the future.”

There is production in the Academy of “Thunder Castle” Buriram United, many people were sent to play with the big set. And it has shown excellent results for many people, such as Supachok Sarachat, who is currently playing with Consadole Sapporo on loan, including Supanut Muenta, Supachai Jaidet, Ratanakorn Maikami who is currently still playing in the Buriram United team of time



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