Buriram United Dominates Trat FC with 3-0 Victory in Thai Football League Season

Thrilling Victory for Buriram United in Thai Football League Season 2023-24

Date: Friday, September 15, 2023

In an exhilarating match held on Friday, Buriram United displayed superior skill and strategy, securing a remarkable victory over Trat FC in the Thai Football League. The game kicked off with an intense battle between the two teams, captivating the spectators from the very beginning.

Buriram United wasted no time in showing their dominance, as Thawatchai Inprakhon scored an impressive goal in the 14th minute. The locals rejoiced as their team took an early lead of 1-0 over Trat FC.

The 21st minute witnessed an unfortunate turn of events for Trat FC. A free kick by “Sasattha Thunder” led to a misguided header by Paradorn Pattanaphol, the left back of Trat FC, resulting in an own goal. This unexpected mishap widened the gap further, with Buriram United now leading 2-0.

As the match progressed, Buriram United continued their relentless assault on Trat FC’s defense. In the 44th minute, Lonsana Doumbuya skillfully passed the ball to Thitawee Aksornsri, who then deftly maneuvered it to Peeradon Chamrasamee. Peeradon’s sheer determination paid off as he aimed with precision and scored an impressive goal, leaving Trat FC stunned and Buriram United with a commanding 3-0 lead.

Despite valiant efforts from both teams, the second half of the game yielded no additional goals. As the first half drew to a close, the scoreboard reflected Buriram United’s dominant performance, leading Trat FC by a significant margin of 3-0.

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Thai Football League season 2023-24

Friday, September 15, 2023

Buriram United vs Trat FC

The game started in the 14th minute, the locals scored a goal from Thawatchai Inprakhon’s shot, leading Buriram United 1-0 over Trat FC.

The 21st minute “Sasattha Thunder” received a free kick on the left side and Sasalak Haiprakon launched the ball into the penalty area, but Paradorn Pattanaphol, the left back of “White Elephant Chao Koh” headed in the wrong angle. Sent the ball into his own goal, causing Buriram United to lead Trat FC 2-0.

Later, in the 44th minute, the home team scored another goal from the second when Lonsana Doumbuya took the ball from Thitawee Aksornsri and entered the path of Peeradon Chamrasamee, dragging him in and shooting with nothing left. Send the ball into the net, leading Buriram United to escape Trat FC 3-0.

After that, there were no more scores. At the end of the first half, Buriram United opened the scoring, leading Trat FC 3-0.

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