Buriram United stands as one of the leaders of the Thai League battle. make a great score

The first half of the Thai League season has come to an end. Considering the score table of Buriram United, Principal Newin Chidchob has made the best, the most reasonable price, in the success of the team that stands as the leader of the crowd, including tickets and sales Souvenirs also hit the target.

Chonburi FC is another team that can be considered as successful as not losing. “Team Seragra” or maybe even more. compared to The budget for the team and the quality of the players are not comparable. But with the ability of the “genius coach” accumulated, Prasert was fully capable of leading the team to its place in the first leg.

The dark horse team that came to take 3rd place with a deadpan look like Ratchaburi FC has to be considered more than expected Result win 8, draw 5, lose only 2 games is the best record from the first 15 games of the this club since then. was established in 2004. Credit must be given to “Sia Fluke” Thanawat Nitikarnkanjana

Another team that can do more than expected is Sukhothai FC because “Che Pao” Anongwan Thepsutin, the president of the club, rarely adds an army to adjust the team. But he didn’t fight back after the first 5 games never winning anyone The team came back to win and draw with the big teams until the position moved from plum to 9

For the unexpected in the first half of this season, because the classy and polished name of the top level teams BGPU, Port Authority FC and Muang Thong United are all aiming to be in the top four. Thankfully, there is still time to make excuses for another 15 rounds in the second leg.

Pol Lt. Col. Kulthon Prachuapmoh pushes for Thai women’s rugby team Successfully climbed to 3rd place in Asia, now “Inspector Ton” is going to serve as president of sports strategy Let the Thai Party Build Thailand ready on for election battle I would like to introduce myself to the players as well.

The books that have been written are all sold out. also shake hands with Fm99 The number one sports channel in Thailand Giving World Cup shirts to all teams. and many other prizes By simply guessing with “Rosa Prom”, with 2 veteran DJs Yuthapong Wichaidit and Suthep Kongpiam announcing the lucky winners every morning.

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