Burmese male artist Paing Takhon participated in the anti-coup demonstration and sentenced to prison for 3 years and was selected as the first one of the world’s top 100 handsome men in 2021. TC Candler calls for the release of political prisoners[Video](13:47)-20211228-Hot Spot-News

Paing Takhon is a well-known Burmese actor, singer and model. He had shaved his head and became a monk for a short time. After a photo of him wearing a red robe was exposed, he was named “the most handsome monk on the surface” by netizens. Since the military coup in Myanmar in February, Paing Takhon has taken to the streets many times to participate in demonstrations, and he has also posted on social networking sites to call on the international community to help Myanmar. He posted photos of his participation in the demonstration in February and wrote, “Please help us to stop crimes against humanity.”

Sister Paing Takhon stated that he was arrested at his mother’s residence in Yangon on April 8. Along with him, more than 100 celebrities who supported the demonstration were hunted down by the military government. His legal team said that his family was deeply saddened by the verdict that he was sentenced to three years in prison and was considering whether to appeal.

The Burmese military launched a coup on February 1 this year. The state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi was dismissed, triggering protests and demonstrations around the military coup, which was the largest scale since the “Saffron Revolution” in 2007.

(Central News Agency/AFP)

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