Burn 1,000 calories a day… 4 small changes to lose weight

More activity, adequate sleep, etc. are helpful

Reducing the amount of breakfast a little and organizing your diet mainly with vegetables and fruit will help you lose weight a lot. [사진=클립아트코리아]

There is no special secret to losing weight. It is essential to exercise and improve your lifestyle, including your eating habits. Experts say, “It is better to correct bad habits than to try an unreasonable diet that is difficult to maintain consistently.” “If you increase your daily calorie intake, you can achieve health and weight loss.”

In fact, it is difficult to lose weight through exercise alone. For example, a person weighing 70 kg needs to walk for about 3 hours to burn 800 calories. Experts say, “In addition to exercise, there is a way to burn 1000 calories a day with just a few lifestyle changes.” America’s health and medical media ‘Healthline.com’ presented a simple way to eat 1000 calories a day.

△ Reduce the amount of breakfast and increase activities in daily life

The formula for losing weight is to follow the principle ‘eat a little lighter, move the body more vigorously’. Koreans like a meal that includes warm soup, rice, and side dishes in the morning. You can also have a Western style breakfast with fried eggs, bacon and white bread. Even a small reduction in the amount of such a hearty breakfast will start burning calories.

Reduce soup intake, eat mixed grains instead of rice, and replace white bread with whole grain bread. If your stomach is empty, fill it with vegetables and fruit. Also, instead of always putting necessary items within reach, put them at a distance where you have to stand up and walk to pick them up, and increase your body movement. It is possible to eat 1000 calories a day just by making this habit a habit.

△ Enough sleep

Studies have shown that if you sleep less than 5 hours a night or more than 10 hours, you are more likely to gain weight. If you don’t keep a proper sleep time, fat cells turn into an easy way to gain weight, increasing the risk of obesity or diabetes.

Another study found that room temperature while sleeping was also linked to body weight. When the research team asked participants to sleep with the room temperature at 19 degrees or 24 degrees, the participants who kept the room temperature at 19 degrees lost more weight after a year.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is well known as a representative diet that helps with health and weight loss. You don’t have to think about a special menu just because you’re eating a Mediterranean meal. In the morning when it is burdensome to eat rice, eat yogurt (yoghurt) mixed with fruit or nuts, and during lunch or dinner, you can eat a lot of fish and vegetables instead of meat.

Reduce the use of dressing and salt

Even if you eat a lot of vegetables for your diet, there are things to be aware of. It’s just an additive like dressing or salt. When you eat a vegetable salad, pouring enough dressing on the bottom of the plate will make it difficult to lose weight. Just 2 tablespoons of dressing is enough for a salad plate. You can cause weight loss simply by reducing the amount of dressing or salt by half.

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