Burned, a soldier was beaten by 11 soldiers and beaten to death in prison A mother was heartbroken over 2 packs of coffee.

Burned, 11 soldiers beaten to death in prison, mother cut over 2 packs of coffee, the commander of the 39th Army Regiment confirms that there is no helping the wrong person. Take disciplinary and criminal penalties and give 200,000 baht to heal the family.

At 4:00 pm on November 26, 2022, at Thung Luang Temple Pavilion, Village No. 11, Thung Phong Sub-District, Nong Chang District, Uthai Thani Province, Maj. Naresuan Fawr, Phitsanulok Province, with his group, traveled to preside over the ceremony Private Kajornsak Sriyakul, 24, died of an attack by 11 soldiers who were convicted together until he died inside a Royal Army prison Thailand on November 39, 2022. Caused by dissatisfaction that the deceased took 2 packets of coffee to drink.


At the ceremony, no less than 200 villagers, Thati, knew the deceased. The deceased’s mother was so sad that she fainted many times until her relatives and Maj. Gen. Krishna, along with the military officers who were sitting at the chairman’s table. Need to hurry to help support Let’s sit in the clear sky. along with the inhaler to breathe them along with a fan to blow the air to cool to reduce stress

The Maj. Gen. Krishna along with military officers invited Mrs. Somsri the deceased’s mother came to the crematorium by raising his hands together with telling all that happened The 3rd Army Area and related commanders will speed up the case as soon as possible. and the criminal will not allow anyone to escape the law. It will be divided into criminal cases. belonging to police officers in action The military disciplinary part is carried out. and having appointed an examination committee If someone wishes to fail, disciplinary action must also be taken.

Maj Gen said. Krishna that all 11 soldiers felt their guilt at first. and gave money to Mrs. Somsri in the amount of 2 hundred thousand baht before, on her own as a representative to give money to spend on preliminary medicines first and this money Not related to any legal cases at all After that, she she hugged Ms Somsri, the deceased’s mother, and said that the soldiers would definitely not withdraw from her mother.

Maj Gen said. Krishna that the General of the 3rd Army Division ordered that I want the case to be as simple as possible. but not helping anyone who has done wrong Let the victims feel at home Now let’s be a matter of the investigation process first. Because within the prison many people have been accused, around 50 people, and there are 10 guards, who are currently under investigation. I confirm that the Royal Thai Army will definitely not help the criminals.

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