‘Burning Trotman’ Sim Soo-bong defies audition debut after 45 years of debut

‘Burning Trotman’ explodes the subject by foreshadowing the glorious sortie of ‘The Godmother of Trot’ Shim Soo-bong, who challenges the audition screening for the first time since her debut 45 years ago.

On the 27th, MBN’s ‘Burning Trotman’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Bult’) said, “‘Trot Godmother’ Shim Soo-bong will be active as a judge and legend for an audition program for the first time in her 45 years. career as a singer in the semi-finals.” The semi-finals of ‘Trotman Burning’ will be held as ‘Three Heavenly Kings’, and the trotters who have progressed to the semi-finals will have a fierce battle with the masterpieces of ‘Three Great Heavenly Kings’, Shim Subong, Namjin, and Joo Hyunmi, who is indispensable in the history of the Korean music industry.

Above all, Sim Soo-bong, like the other ‘three kings’, Nam Jin and Joo Hyun-mi, met trotters who progressed to the rounds before the main competition and gave candid stories and generous advice. In particular, Shim Soo-bong, as the ’emotional queen’ of the Korean representative, responded with hot tears to the emotions she had after listening to the trotmen’s songs, leaving a deeper resonance than any other judge’s review. The trotmen who will be protected by Shim Soo-bong in all aspects of the emotional trot, and among them, who is the demonic trotman who called Sim Soo-bong, raises curiosity.

In addition, Sim Soo-bong raised the admiration by upgrading the trotman’s emotional index with lessons down to the ‘original singer-songwriter’. Shim Soo-bong shared a behind-the-scenes story of each song and explained the meaning of popular song lyrics like his life story, creating warmth through eye-level education. In addition to this, Shim Soo-bong performed his own song ‘My Four Seasons’ live on the spot, boasting an appealing voice and a sensibility highly worthy of a ‘trot ballad pioneer’, eliciting admiration from “in as expected”.

On the other hand, although the results of the ‘Dinner Show Mission’ of the nephew and grandson Son Tae-jin, who are currently participating in the ‘Trotman Burning’, have not come out, the meeting between Son Tae-jin and Sim Mae Soo-bong are distracted.

The production team said, “I would like to thank Legend Shim Soo-bong once again for taking the difficult decision to appear on the audition program for the first time.” We look forward to a brilliant and colorful trotmen stage that achieves infinite growth.”

The 7th episode of ‘Llosgi Trotman’ will be broadcast at 9:40pm on the 31st of January (Tuesday).

Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Junsu Lee (junsoo@etnews.com)

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