Burst! “Please answer 1988” Seung Sun-woo actor Gao Gengpyo is diagnosed with the new crown, and the shooting plan of Netflix’s new film “Seoul Battle” has to be postponed | Daily Business News

According to the Beijing News on November 30, according to Korean media reports,In “Please Answer 1988”, Cheng Shanyu’s actor Gao Gengpyo was diagnosed with the new crown and is in isolation at home.

Gao Gengpyo also starred in works such as “Incarnation of Jealousy”, “Cross”, and “The Resolution to Break Up”.

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Korean media reported that Gao Gengpyo was recently participating in the filming of Netflix’s new film “Seoul Battle”, and there are quite a few filming plans in December. As Gao Gengpiao needs to be isolated at home, the filming plan of the film will also be postponed. “Seoul Battle” starred by Liu Yaren, Ko Gengpyo, Lee Kyu Hyung, Park Joo Hyun and others, Netflix invested 21 billion won (approximately RMB 113 million) to produce.

People’s Daily Online published an article titled “From Korean Dramas” in 2017<请回答1988>Watch the article in “TV Series and Intercultural Communication”, the article says:

At the end of 2015, South Korean cable TVN’s popular “Please Answer 1988” not only refreshed the ratings record in South Korea since its inception, but also easily became the “net of China” after being introduced and broadcast by the Chinese video site “iqiyi”. Red Drama”,Douban scores as high as 9.6 points, the highest score in Korean dramas. As the third part of the “Please Answer Series”, the play mainly tells the story of five families living in Ssangmun-dong, Dobong District, Seoul City in 1988, depicting the warm family affection, the traditional love and friendship of neighbors and small citizens.

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