BURTON released a new series of collaborative artists from Anon x Shantell Martin to add vibrancy to the brand

November 2022, Shanghai. Leading snowboard brand BURTON released the new Anon and Shantell Martin joint series, as well as the new Anon M4S snow goggles, Oslo helmets and MFI masks. This series of products not only brings high definition vision to skaters, but also protects the head in a general way; Shantell Martin’s collaborative series, with the theme of “free wireless”, brings unique line art and adds vibrancy to the brand. .

London-based visual artist Shantell Martin is known for her black-and-white drawings that embody her inner state and the impermanence of the world around her. The brand new M4S snow goggles and Oslo WaveCel helmet produced jointly by Anon, a BURTON brand, and Shantell Martin, have the iconic black and white line graffiti style to celebrate authenticity and self-expression, injecting relaxed and interesting visual elements to skiing. product.

Founded in 2001, Anon, a BURTON brand, focuses on manufacturing high-tech snow goggles and head protection that meet the needs of the world’s best skaters. With the support of BURTON headquarters, Anon is committed to developing high-performance helmets and snow goggles suitable for different environments, and constantly improving product design and technological performance.

Since the introduction of the “Magna-Tech” system a few years ago, Anon snow goggles have become a major selling point with instant lens change technology. The integrated MFI technology of the magnetic mask provides a seamless mask connection and achieves an unlimited field of vision. For a long time, Anon snow goggles, magnetic masks and helmet products have provided a higher level of comprehensive protection for snow lovers.

The upgraded Anon M4S snow goggles have the same high-end performance as the M4. On this basis, the M4S adopts a frame design that is more suitable for the middle face, in order to suit users with Asian faces ; the PERCEIVE mirror can provide adaptability under any light conditions Land clarity, full perimeter ventilation channels maximize airflow, move hot air and moisture out and bring in fresh air.

Another upgraded WaveCel Anon Oslo helmet combines 3D honeycomb protection with an in-mold structure. It uses a lightweight shell, EPS and WaveCel padding. The WaveCel protection system distributes impact energy to help reduce direct and rotational impact to the head. WaveCel material can also ventilate and wick away moisture to keep you dry and warm. At the same time, the Oslo helmet is also compatible with audio accessories, allowing music to accompany you when traveling in the snow.

Anon MFI face mask for warmth and wind protection Regular fit fits the skier’s face well; An integrated neck guard, brushed polyester loop fleece provides seamless protection and warmth to the face and neck for skiers Hands are not afraid of the wind and cold. The Anon MFI mask is compatible with all snow goggles in men’s, women’s and youth sizes.

Always insisting on innovation and adhering to the principle of “letting people all over the world enjoy the fun of snowboarding” has been BURTON’s constant philosophy since its establishment. With the joint efforts of founder Jake Burton and his global team, BURTON continues to develop and promote new technology snowboard equipment with a passion for creation, so that skiers of different stages can have a high-quality skiing experience. The newly released Anon series products consider safety, comfort and appearance, and bring high-quality ski protection to all skiers, allowing them to ski boldly as they wish. Anon and Shantell Martin’s new joint series, as well as Anon’s new M4S snow goggles, Oslo helmets and MFI masks, have been released simultaneously at authorized BURTON stores and official offline direct sales, as well as at the official flagship site of Tmall and JD.com BURTON. shops.


In 1977, Jake Burton Carpenter founded BURTON Snowboard in his barn in Vermont, USA, and since then he has dedicated his life to the snowboard business. BURTON has played a key role in the development of snowboarding, through a series of efforts such as creating innovative snowboarding products, supporting the world’s best snowboarders and promoting the acceptance of snowboarding in snow resorts. Backyard entertainment has grown into a world-class sport. Today, BURTON designs and manufactures a set of veneer products and outdoor products that lead the industry. In 2006, BURTON became the sports equipment supplier of the China U-shaped Snowboard National Track Team, and has cooperated until now. As a leader in advocating the concept of sustainable development in outdoor sports and ice and snow sports, BURTON is the world’s first veneer company certified by B Corporation️. BURTON is headquartered in Burlington, VT, USA and is the personal property of Donna Carpenter. At the same time, it has offices in Austria, Japan, Australia, Canada and China.

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