Burundi Eco Towards the rehabilitation of Avenue des Etats-Unis

Users of the avenue des Etats-Unis are worried about the fact that this road is in an incredible state of defect. And the ARB reassures them that within two weeks the work of its rehabilitation will be able to start

Users of the avenue des Etats-Unis are worried about the fact that this road is in an incredible state of defect.

It is Wednesday, March 29, 2023. Around 8:40 a.m., a reporter from Burundi Eco visits United States Avenue located in the Kigobe district of Ntahangwa commune in the municipality of Bujumbura. The route begins at the General Commissariat for Migration and ends where the office of the Lake Tanganyika authority is located.

At this place, the state of this road is chilling. She is in a state of unheard-of defect. In some places, one wonders if this axis would have been macadamized. It is characterized by many potholes.

When it rains, this road is full of puddles. As a result of these inconveniences, users find it difficult to move around. They jostle each other to make their way.

Users are concerned about the state of Avenue des Etats-Unis

Users are concerned about the condition of this road, as it is used by many people, including high authorities.

By way of illustration, we can cite those who work at the Commissariat of Migration, at the United States Embassy, ​​at the Court of Auditors, at the Ministry of Education, etc.

They indicate that the poor condition of this axis causes accidents. In addition, vehicles break down. And to add that people keep falling into puddles in case of heavy rains.

This is why they are asking the government to rehabilitate this road to avoid the worst.

The director general of the Road Agency of Burundi (ARB) Sylvestre Nsanzerugeze reassures the users of the avenue of the United States.

According to him, this road can be rehabilitated within two weeks. This agency is waiting for the tar to be available to start the work.

It should be noted that there are still other roads whose condition leaves something to be desired in the municipality of Bujumbura despite the policy of zero potholes launched some time ago.


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