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Bus overturns at Malappuram-Tanur railway bridge; Many were injured

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Malappuram: A bus overturned on the Tanur-Devadar railway bridge (bus accident)Many were injured. The Tawakkal bus, which was traveling from Tirur to Tanur, went out of control at around 6.30 pm.

Fifteen people on the bus were injured. The injured passengers were admitted to a private hospital in Tanur. No one was seriously injured. Of these, 5 are in critical condition. The number of passengers on the bus is not yet known.

When it reached the Deodar Bridge, a railway overbridge, the derailed bus fell down. According to eyewitnesses, the speeding bus overtook another bus and went out of control, breaking the bridge and falling down.

Attempt to shoot a young man in a car at Ottapalam; The young man traveled two kilometers holding the bonnet of the car

An attempt was made to hit a young man who was returning from selling fancy goods at Ottapalam in Palakkad. The young man jumped into the bonnet of the car to escape and lay on top of the car for about two kilometers. Police have arrested a man who allegedly drove away in the incident

The incident took place this morning. Usman from Ottapalam had borrowed fancy goods worth Rs 75,000 from the shop of Mohammad Fazil from Malappuram. This morning, Mohammad Fazil went to Usman’s wife’s house on the 19th mile of Ottapalam and demanded the money.

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At this point, Usman tried to get into the car, but Muhammad Fazil stood in front of him and tried to knock him down. With this, Muhammad Fazil jumped into the bonnet of the car to escape but Usman refused to stop the vehicle. The vehicle was parked in front of the Usman police station, about three kilometers away, with Mohammad Fazil, who was on top of the car.

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Police took Usman into custody and charged him with driving dangerously. According to police, a case will be registered against Mohammad Fazil on the basis of his statement. Police said they would take action to revoke Usman’s license. The injured Mohammad Fazil is undergoing treatment at Ottapalam Taluk Hospital. The injury is not serious.


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