Bus Service Running up to 17 hours a day; A new bus service started in Jeddah

Riyadh: (www.kvartha.com) A new bus service started in Jeddah. A bus service started from Balad, the main part of the city, to Sulaymaniyah Al Haramain Railway Station. The bus service is up to 17 hours a day.

There will be 42 bus services daily from Balad to Sulaimaniya and back every 50 minutes. The ticket price is 3.45 rupees per journey. It will continue from 7.15 am to 12.00 pm. The round trip starts from the Balad Historic District.

Al Haramain railway station will be reached via Baghdadia, King Abdulaziz University and Al Salam Mall. From there it will return on the same route. The Jeddah Transport Company has started new services connecting the railway station through the existing bus routes. The new service is part of the expansion of public transport services in Jeddah.

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