Bus traffic on Bandarban-Ruma road is normal after 1 month

Bus traffic on Bandarban-Ruma road has returned to normal after a long month. The bus has been running since Wednesday morning. Amal Das, president of Bandarban Shailshova Malik Samiti, confirmed the matter.

Bandarban-Ruma road bus driver Nashir Uddin said, ‘The road was destroyed in the flood. Now the road is quite normal. I managed to reach Ruma from Bandarban after 1 month and 6 days.’

Zakir Hossain, lineman of Bandarban-Ruma bus station, said that due to heavy rains in the first week of last month, hills collapsed at some places on the Dhanial Para and Khumi Para area roads after Y junction of Bandarban-Ruma road. Road breaks. Traffic on this road was completely closed since August 7. From September 6 of this month, jeeps (moon cars) were running in some way but buses were stopped.

Zakir Hossain said that with the efforts of 26 ECB members of the army, the road has become normal. Today 12 buses from Bandarban reached Ruma upazila.

Amal Dash, President of Bandarban Shailshova Malik Samiti, said that bus traffic was stopped on Bandarban-Ruma road. From today, bus traffic has been normal again.

According to Bandarban district administration, 645.4 kilometers of paved and brick roads, 93 bridges and 92 culverts were damaged in the district. It caused more than 47 crore 76 lakh rupees damage.

Meanwhile, on August 16, Bandarban-Roangchhari road and on September 6 Bandarban-Thanchi upazila road communication system was launched.