Busan Daeyang High School, Miracle High PUBG: Final Winner of School Competition

[자료제공: 빅픽처인터렉티브]

Big Picture Interactive, a comprehensive e-sports company, PUBG: (below ) announced that ‘Miracle High PUBG: School Competition’, co-hosted by former pro gamer Miracle and sponsored by Krafton, has ended successfully.

This competition, the third series of the 2022 Miracle eSports, was held in the form of a team of 4 students attending the same high school in Korea, and a total of 360 students from 90 high schools across the country participated.

The final victory of this competition, which was held over two days on the 26th and 27th, was won by a team of students from Daeyang High School located in Nam-gu, Busan. He won the title of the strongest high school.

The winning team will receive a ‘BenQ Zowie Gaming Monitor XL2546K’ and an ‘Oversystem Miracle PC Set’ equipped with Intel CPU Core i7-12700F to the four participating students, respectively, and the ‘Krafton Scholarship 10 million won’ awarded to the winning school Miracle will directly visit Daeyang High School and deliver it.

Miracle, who hosted this competition, said, “It was so cool to see many high school students from all over the country competing fiercely for the honor of their school.” We ask for a lot of interest in it as well,” he said.

Big Picture Interactive announced that ‘7080 Baggy Picnic’ will be held as the fourth contest of ‘2022 Miracle Esports Series’ with the end of this competition.

The ‘7080 Bag Picnic’, held with the concept that only those born before December 31, 1989 can participate, will be held in 3rd person squad (TPP/SQUAD) mode. Is expected.

Details related to the competition, such as the competition schedule and rules, products and event contents, will be released in early July through the level-up support Miracle channel.

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