Busan roundabout DNA came out “changed to charges of attempted murder as rape”

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An indiscriminate attack on a woman on her way home, the so-called Busan round-kick case.

An appeal hearing was held a while ago.

In the first trial, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but a little while ago, the prosecution asked the court to sentence him to 35 years in prison, which is higher than the sentence in the first trial.

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Reporter Jemin Ryu, was there something you should pay attention to in today’s trial?

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That’s okay.

The question was whether the accused’s DNA had been found on the victim’s clothes and whether this would add to the accused’s charges of rape.

DNA was the result, and the main charges were changed from attempted murder to attempted murder, including rape.

A short time ago, the appeal hearing in the Busan roundabout kicking case ended, and the prosecution changed the accused’s charges of attempted murder to ‘attempted murder, including rape’ and attempted 35 years in prison.

In the first trial, the sentence was 20 years, and the sentence was 12 years in prison, but the sentence increased by 15 years.

The reason why the direction of the case turned so great was because of the results of DNA re-assessment on the victim’s clothes.

It was confirmed that the accused’s DNA was found in a total of five places, including four on the victim’s jeans and one on the cardigan.

Accordingly, the prosecution considered that there was strong physical evidence that a sexual assault had taken place during the 7 minutes that disappeared from CCTV, and based on this, they sought 35 years.

However, it was only today that the accused admitted to the injury charge and denied all the charges.

The victim, who came to court today and watched the trial process, submitted a written opinion saying that the accused had not yet reflected and that the possibility of recidivism was very high because he had openly warned of revenge crime , and that he needs to be isolated from society.

In addition, while crying in court, he asked that the defendant be severely punished and reveal his identity.


“I’m going to get out of jail…just like that. Because I think I’ll be released one day, and as it’s getting closer, I’m feeling a little anxious and scared…”

The appeal court’s final decision will come out on the 12th of next month.

As the charge is changed from attempted murder to attempted rape and murder, it is expected that a heavier sentence will be imposed in the appeal court.

This is MBC News Ryu Je-min at the Busan District Court.

Video comment: Son Young-win, Kim Ki-ryong (Busan)


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