Busan Yeongdo Hospital, Elderly Health Center Blue Bird Corona 19 visit vaccination

In order to prepare for the resurgence of COVID-19 during the winter season, Busan Yeongdo Hospital (Director Jeong Do-hyun) established a COVID-19 vaccination team, and on November 23 (Wednesday), 96 residents of Parangsae Elderly Health Center, facility that is open to infection, has received the Corona 19 vaccine through a visit

Jong-Han Kim, Vice President of the Department of Internal Medicine at Yeongdo Hospital, said, “It is important to ensure herd immunity by vaccinating vulnerable groups to prevent the recurrence of COVID-19 in the winter.” A deterrent effect can be expected.”

The COVID-19 vaccination team at Yeongdo Hospital includes the vice president of internal medicine, the head of the patient safety office, the head nurse, and the injection room nurse. To prepare for emergencies such as adverse reactions during vaccination, an ambulance and the first aid kit to hand, but the vaccination was completed safely.

Jeong Do-hyun, director of Yeongdo Hospital, said, “We hope that safely and promptly vaccinating vulnerable groups with difficulty in mobility will help prevent a resurgence of COVID-19 during the winter season.” We will do our best for the health of local residents by taking an active part in vaccination to prevent it.”

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