Buses of the Bus Terminal. Collision. Coordinating six wheels at Chum Phae Many seriously injured, sent to the hospital, busy – news

The passenger was hurt A tour bus collides with a truck. At the u-turn point of Ban Huai Bong, Chum Phae, Khon Kaen, transport personnel to the hospital are busy, many seriously.

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On December 6, 2021, reporters reported an accident on a tour bus. Collision with a truck injures many people. The incident occurred at 8:10 p.m. Police officers at Chum Phae Police Station, Khon Kaen Province, received a notification of a bus accident. Collision with a truck injures many people. At the Ban Huai Bong U-turn point, Maliwan Road, Nong Phai Subdistrict, Chum Phae District, Khon Kaen Province, therefore hurried to check with paramedics and rescuers.

The bus was injured.

At the scene, a car was found with the Bus Station. Village No. 1, Khon Kaen-Chiang Rai Line, blue-white color, number next to the car 637-24, demolished in a grassy forest along the road. Inside the car, many passengers were found injured. As for the other party, a 6-wheel truck parked on the road, officials rushed to help transport the injured to the hospital. with many people with severe symptoms The cause is under investigation by the authorities.

Courtesy of Thanawat Samanmit and ASEAN network


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