20 minutes – Migros does not use disposable plastic tableware


Migros had already declared war on plastic 4 years ago and introduced the 5 centime fee for plastic bags. Now the retailer is going one step further: by the end of the year, all single-use plastic tableware should disappear from the range, as Migros writes in a media release. With this measure, 560 tons of plastic material can be avoided annually.


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Around 60 percent of disposable products already consist of ecological alternatives such as sugar cane, palm leaves, paper or wood. By the end of 2020 there will be an ecological alternative in the Migros range for every single-use product, as the retailer continues.

Bamboo dishes can be disposed of in the house compost. According to Migros, all other ecological alternatives must first be disposed of in normal waste: These could be broken down in nature, but this takes a very long time.

Coop does not want to do without

According to media spokeswoman Marilena Baiatu, plastic reduction is also an important topic at Coop. In the meantime, customers would find palm leaf dishes and paper tubes as an alternative to single-use plastic dishes in all 900 Coop sales outlets. In addition, you regularly check alternatives and constantly reduce the proportion of disposable plastic tableware.

However, Coop has no plans to completely dispense with single-use plastic tableware. “We offer our customers freedom of choice,” said Baiatu.

Plastic ban in the EU

Last year, the EU Parliament waved a large majority of bans on disposable plastic tableware and other disposable plastic products. Products for which there is an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative will be banned in the EU from 2021.

In addition, the EU Commission recently announced that it intends to expand the rules for single-use plastics even more. For example, a ban on plastic packaging or a regulation on the use of recycled plastic is being examined. Canada also announced last year that it would ban single-use plastic until 2021.

Prohibition of oxo-degradable plastics

A ban on so-called oxo-degradable plastics is currently only being discussed in Switzerland. The Federal Council has asked Parliament to adopt a corresponding motion. Oxo-degradable plastic is often confused with biodegradable plastic. But it is plastic, which is mixed with chemical additives. Although it decomposes faster, it pollutes the soil and water as small parts and can thus enter the food chain.




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