A dangerous defect was found in Tesla machines: Money: Economy: Lenta.ru


American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla recalls 15,000 Model X SUVs due to a power steering defect. The recall will affect most cars assembled before mid-October 2016. About this writes Reuters.

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00:04July 29, 2019

The aluminum bolts that are used in the design of the hydraulic booster can break, explained in the American Ministry of Transport. In the event of such a malfunction, the car becomes difficult to drive, which can lead to a dangerous situation on the road or an accident.

At the same time, the department noted that so far not a single traffic accident has been recorded related to a malfunction identified in the Tesla Model X SUV.

After the recall, Tesla will replace the vulnerable bolts or simply install a new steering gear on the returned cars.

In March 2018, Tesla was forced to recall 123 thousand Model S electric vehicles worldwide, assembled before April 2016. The cause was also a malfunction of the power steering due to brittle bolts.


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