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ROUNDUP 3 / Glyphosate lawsuits against Bayer: Mediator hopes to be swift

NEW YORK – The US wave of lawsuits against Bayer because of
Alleged cancer risk of weed killers with the active ingredient
Glyphosate does not tear off, but apparently it could soon be
Give comparison. Mediator Ken, who mediates in the legal conflict
Feinberg told financial service provider Bloomberg on Thursday (local time)
he was “cautiously optimistic” that within about a month
an agreement could be reached between Bayer and the plaintiffs.
On the terms of a possible comparison, the
US star lawyer, who hired as negotiator in June
was unable to express itself. The prospect of one came from investors
agreement soon: The shares were up on Friday
from 1.32 percent to 75.75 euros among the favorites in the leading index

ROUNDUP: Kion will do more business than expected in 2019 – subdued
Hope for 2020

FRANKFURT – The forklift manufacturer Kion Has
partly achieved its goals in 2019 thanks to good business
exceeded. While sales rose more strongly than expected, the
operating profit not quite as strong. Kion chief steamed for 2020
Gordon Riske on Friday may have hopes that the development will be so
could go on. So uncertainties in world politics burdened
demand, and high investments are likely to depress earnings.

Union UFO examines indefinite strike at Lufthansa

FRANKFURT – Considered after the recent failure of arbitration
the UFO Cabin Union launched a permanent strike of
Flight attendants at Lufthansa Corporation. One will
first try again the tariff targets on the classic
Negotiating channels, spokesman Nicoley Baublies announced
on Friday. If this fails, only the industrial dispute remains.
Since individual strike days had so far had no effect, I would have to take part
“significantly expanded measures” pressure are generated.

BMW is recalling over 300,000 cars in the United States for faulty airbags

WASHINGTON – Even the German car maker BMW got to
thousands of vehicles in the USA due to faulty airbags
call back. 356 920 cars like that are affected
US traffic safety agency NHTSA in Washington on Friday
announced. Parts of the built in after the Takata scandal
Airbag systems could also explode.

K + S sells waste disposal companies in Switzerland to reduce debt

KASSEL / DELÉMONT – The heavily indebted fertilizer and salt producer
K + S sells its Swiss subsidiary K + S
Disposal. “The sales price is in the lower single digits
Million euro range, “said the company based in Kassel
on Friday with. The buyer is the Swiss Thommen-Furler Group. The
The sale of the company is related to the im
December resolved steps to reduce debt. The in
The share price, which has been badly shaken in recent months, hardly reacted.
Most recently, the paper was down around half a percent.

Electric cars: Fiat Chrysler examines joint venture with Taiwan’s Foxconn

ROME – The car maker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
is examining a cooperation with the Taiwanese electronics group
Foxconn for the development of electric cars in China. In conversation
is a joint venture as a joint venture, said the
American-Italian company on Friday with. Both companies
are about to sign a “preliminary agreement”. In the
A definitive agreement should be reached in the next few months.

Press: So far, three prospective customers for Condor holiday aviators

FRANKFURT – In the bidding process for the battered holiday plane
According to media information, Condor are three serious so far
Interested parties in the race. Consistently reported
“Wirtschaftswoche” and “Der Spiegel” on Thursday about the
Polish airline LOT and the US financial investor Apollo.
The latter is said to be together with German tour operators and one
Be a co-investor at the start. The third bidder named “Der Spiegel”
the British investment company Greybull.

Bombardier questions further stake in Airbus A220

MONTREAL – The Canadian Bombardier Group provides
in his permanent crisis, another commitment to the smallest
Airbus Jet A220 in question. For expanding production
further investments are needed, Bombardier announced on Thursday
in Montreal with. This would hit breakeven later,
and profits would decrease over the entire production period.
As a result, the value of the participation is likely to shrink. The
The group is therefore rethinking its further commitment to the
Type of aircraft.

Ryanair boss gives London an ultimatum in the Flybe dispute

DUBLIN / LONDON – The head of the Irish low cost airline Ryanair
, Michael O’Leary, has the British government
Ultimatum because of the help for the battered competitor Flybe
posed. That made O’Leary clear on Friday on the BBC radio.
London should not get the details of the deal within seven days
publish and other airlines the same support
Ryanair will take steps for violating
Initiate competition rules in the UK and the EU, the said
Ryanair boss. A corresponding letter to the British
Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid already had Ryanair on Thursday

Federal government defends gap in the brown coal shutdown plan

BERLIN – The federal government is keen on climate protection
criticized gap in the shutdown plan for the brown coal power plants in
Germany defends. Between late 2022 and early 2025 is in
the plan agreed upon by the federal government, the federal states and operating companies
have no shutdown provided. That has energy economics
Reasons, said a spokesman for Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze
(SPD) in Berlin on Friday. The end of 2022 will be part of the
The last nuclear power plants from the network.

Additional Reports

Dates 4 as ‘second Hambi’ – Uniper finds threats ‘paradoxical’

-First launch of an Ariane rocket in the new year

-Spice maker Fuchs recalls oregano

– ‘Free for everyone’ – Berlin MPs argue about the
rent cap

-ROUNDUP / Report: Richter added further points
Winterkorn charges critical

-Water Association warns of problems caused by Tesla – Land confident

-Minimum wages in construction rise – plus for more than 200,000 workers

-Supermarkets are committed to more transparency in supply chains

-ADAC wins half a million members in 2019

-ROUNDUP: complaints about the post grow

-ROUNDUP: Malfunctions in the Vodafone DSL network

-RWE after coal agreement: activists should Hambacher forest

-Bafin President for European Authority to Combat
money laundering

-ROUNDUP: Disputes about minimum wages are emerging – increase to 12
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