Börse Express – New York Stocks: US stock markets continue to rush from record to record


The record hunt on Wall Street started on
Thursday continued with momentum. Both the Dow Jones Industrial
as well as the market-wide S&P 500 and
the main technology indices reached in the course

Stock marketers referred to bottom line encouraging news
the economy. In addition, the relief from the conclusion of the
first trade agreement between the United States and China

The Dow recently gained 0.62 percent to 29,210.40 points. For
the S&P 500 rose 0.59 percent to 3308.73 points.
The Nasdaq 100 dominated by technology stocks rose
by 0.75 percent to 9327.50 points.

In the business cycle, investors were impressed by robust data from
private consumption and from the labor market. In addition, that had
Business climate cleared in the US Philadelphia region in January
brightened more than expected.

Among the individual stocks, bank stocks gave the entire S&P 500
Boost. So lay Morgan Stanley’s papers around
7.68 percent too. The bank’s trading business was in the fourth quarter
went very strongly and also in general
Expectations, such as net interest income, exceeded
Net income and earnings per share.

Alcoa had heavy losses in the fourth quarter
recorded and disappointed expectations. For 2020
the aluminum manufacturer expects a recovery in demand.
Nevertheless, the share certificates buckled by almost 10 percent.

Tesla’s papers atoned for a negative
Analyst commentary from Morgan Stanley 1.11 to $ 512.76.
On Tuesday, they had a record high of just over $ 547
reached. After the exorbitant price increase of the past four
Analyst Adam Jonas holds the valuation of the shares of the
Electric car manufacturer for very high and that
Opportunity-risk ratio for unfavorable. Long-term risks
China business should not be off the market as a whole
he also wrote./he

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