CES 2020: sex toys presented at the most important technology fair in the world


«CES is a center where the heart of innovation meets and we deserve to be here».

Miami Daily Writing

The phrase said by Lora Haddock DiCarlo, the founder of Ose, a company dedicated to creating technology products focused on sexuality.

And DiCarlo’s message is important because she was at the center of a controversy, the previous year: one of her products, a novel sex toy that sucked instead of vibrated, won one of the innovation awards granted by CES 2020, the most important technology fair in the world. But then they took it away.

The rules indicated that products considered «immoral, obscene, indecent and profane» they could not qualify for the awards. In fact, the exhibition of sexual products at the fair was almost nil. “Orgasm is a human right.” “Count your orgasms, not your calories.” “According to my smart watch from fitness, I masturbated for four kilometers. ” These are just some of the phrases that can be read by taking a tour of CES, the largest consumer technology fair in the world, held in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA).

This event exposes clitoral suckers, necklaces and vibrating rings, male masturbators and devices to control ejaculation.

Technology has been present in thousands of sexual products all over the world for decades. But the CES organization has taken more than 50 years to allow this type of device to be exhibited at the fair.

Source: El País

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