Dollar price today Sunday January 12, 2020, exchange rate


Mexico City. Today, Sunday, January 12, 2020 the dollar is quoted in $18.79 pesos, according to the platform. At the close on Friday, the dollar had a minimal decrease in its price. Among other factors, for the creation report of employment in the US, with a lower than expected result. The stock market is closed this Sunday, but the dollar is still on sale in various ways.

When considering the variations of this Friday, in the week, the peso gained eight cents at retail and 14.40 at wholesale, in a period in which the confrontation between the US and Iran gravitated in the financial markets, according to Reforma.

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As for the dollar exchange rate for today, Sunday, January 12, 2020 in the Mexico City International Airport, this averages $ 17.65 pesos on purchase and $ 19.15 on sale.

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With respect to exchange rate in the different banks of the country, as published by various financial institutions, the price of the dollar reaches its highest level for sale in the $ 19.21 in Base Bank, while the lowest to the purchase It’s in $ 17.50 at Banco Azteca.

Dollar price today Saturday January 11, 2020, exchange rate. | Source:

Dollar price today Sunday January 12, 2020, exchange rate. | Source:

Regarding euro, this one is quoted in $ 20.90 pesos, for $24.56 weights of the pound sterling, in general average.

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In December in the US 145,000 new jobs were generated, less than the 160,000 provided by Bloomberg and well below the 256,000 reported in November 2019, according to information from Reforma. The unemployment rate remained at 3.5 percent in the reference month.

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