Tesla opens community office for e-car factory – further protests planned


The US carmaker wants to better inform citizens about the planned plant in Brandenburg. This is sorely needed, because another demonstration on site is already planned.

The US electric car maker Tesla wants to improve its information policy before building the planned factory near Berlin. On January 16, 2020, the company opens an information office in Grünheide in the Oder-Spree district to respond to questions from citizens.

Demonstration against planned settlement

Only at the weekend there was a demonstration against the planned settlement on the territory of the community. With the information office on behalf of Tesla, there is “continuously the possibility of dialogue”, said Brandenburg’s Minister of Economic Affairs Jörg Steinbach (SPD) in the state committee’s economic committee.

“I hope that with this citizens’ office, the situation will also ease a bit now.” Steinbach said at the same time that it could not and should not be the task of the state government “that we do the public relations work for Tesla”.

Further protests planned

Last Sunday, several dozen people in Grünheide peacefully demonstrated against the settlement and the related clearing of forest.

A further protest is to follow: According to the police, a private person on behalf of a citizens’ initiative has registered a demonstration for next Saturday from Grünheide to the nearby catch gate. The police expect between 50 and 100 participants. The Free Voters MP Philip Zeschmann warned that the mood on the ground could change.

Purchase contract from Tesla not yet signed

Tesla plans to build up to 500,000 Model 3 and Y vehicles and future models per year in the factory, initially around 150,000 vehicles per year. The Tesla board has not yet signed the sales contract with the country. Minister of Economics Steinbach said Tesla should do this by the end of this week. He expects the site to be ready for construction in mid-March after the clearing of 90 hectares of forest. The 300 hectare site is currently being searched for ammunition from the Second World War.

Tesla could create up to 12,000 jobs with maximum production capacity in the coming years, according to the application documents, according to the State Chancellery and State Office for the Environment. The company has applied for funding that is still being examined by the EU Commission. According to the economics minister, an estimated total investment of four billion euros would be 280 million euros federal and state funds from the joint task to improve the regional economic structure.



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