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Busy. Covid epidemic. Merit-funeral. Many more germs Hundreds of quarantine orders

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5. Laemthong Group Factory Cluster Sung Noen district has employees in 3 factories infected. Separated into Laemthong Poltri Factory Co., Ltd., previously found 341 employees infected, 118 new cases, total 432 infected, Laemthong Protein Co., Ltd., 10 previously infected, no more infections, Laemthong Industrial Co., Ltd. was previously infected. 11 cases, no more infections, total of 3 factories, 453 infected andepidemicIt’s a band 2 with high-risk exposure. Or family members are infected with 4 people. Total of this cluster is 457 infected.

6. Karma Factory Employee Cluster Kham Thale So district originally had factory workers residing in 4 districts, namely Sung Noen District, Non Thai District, Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District, and Kham Thale So District, total of 13 infected. The first 17 cases were infected, and the infection has spread to the second circle, resulting in 3 high-risk contacts or family members who have been infected. A total of 20 have been infected in this cluster.

7. Chicken Factory Employee Cluster Sahamit Foods, Kham Thale So District, previously found that 268 people in 6 districts were infected. 14 more were infected. Totalcumulative infection 282 cases of epidemic plague 2, with high-risk contact or family members, 40 infected, total of 322 infected in this cluster.

8. young millionaire factory cluster With a total of 60 employees, the first employee has been infected with COVID-19.infectTo another 13 colleagues, then 2 more colleagues are infected, totaling 16 infected in the first circle, of which the virus has spread in a circle, 2 has a high-risk contact or a family member has been infected, 1 more, including this cluster. 17 infected

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