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Buy expensive muscle goods; Lulu and outlet mall join hands for ‘mega market’

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Dubai: The Lulu Group has teamed up with the Dubai Outlet Mall to launch a new mega market to rewrite the retail shopping history of the Gulf region. The mega market will be set up in such a way that the wholesale price level is ensured to the customers and the potential including bargaining is utilized. The mega market is envisioned to ensure the lowest prices for high value resources and to offer the widest availability of a wide variety of products.

Lulu’s mega-market will complement the existing Dubai Outlet Mall with an area of ​​35 million square feet. With this, Dubai will become the city with the largest outlet mall in the world. The bargain fairs will be open 365 days a year to the more than 12 lakh residents and expatriates around.


There will be a cinema theater, community venue and entertainment venues for musical events. Lulu Group Chairman M.A. Yusufali said. He said the mega-market would be a new investment in the fashion-lifestyle sector for the bargaining revolution through the cash-and-carry system.

Ali Khammas, executive director of Dubai Outlet Mall, said the partnership with Lulu Group will set a new global standard for value-based shopping.

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