Buying strength in energy stocks supported SET closed +11.38 points.

Thai stocks closed +11.38 points, brokerage pointed out that buying energy and technology stocks to support the market Comply with foreign stock markets Received the benefit of the Fed chairman not accelerating the QE reduction. Assessing the investment framework tomorrow. Support at 1,675 points and resistance at 1,685 points.

The Thai stock market closed for trading on January 12, 2022, increasing +11.38 points or +0.68%, closing at 1,678 points, trading value 87,958.96 million baht. Overall, the SET Index today moved in positive territory throughout the day. which rose the highest at 1,680.85 points and dropped as low as 1,673.00 points

Meanwhile, today’s changing stocks were up 946, unchanged 567, and down 679.

while trading volume classified by investor group found that foreign investors a net purchase of more than 2,288.18 million baht and a securities account with a net purchase of more than 889.31 million baht. Domestic investors sold a net of -1,850.68 million baht and institutional investors sold a net of -1,326.81 million baht.

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities
1.GULF trading value 3,154.79 million baht, closed at 49.50 baht, an increase of 3.00 baht.
2.PTTEP trading value 2,429.92 million baht, closing at 123.50 baht, price unchanged.
3.IVL trading value 2,204.77 million baht, closed at 48.75 baht, increased 1.50 baht
4.GPSC, trading value 2,148.05 million baht, closed at 86.50 baht, increased 2.25 baht
5.KBANK trading value 2,063.14 million baht, closed at 144.00 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht.

The top 5 SET100 indexes with the highest gains are:
1.GULF 49.50 baht +3.00 baht or +6.45%
2.TQM 98.00 baht +4.50 baht or +4.81%
3.PLANB 8.20 baht +0.35 baht or +4.46%
4.IVL 48.75 baht +1.50 baht or +3.17%
5.SIRI 1.33 baht +0.04 baht or +3.10%

The five SET100 indices with the biggest price drop are:
1.COM7 79.75 baht -2.00 baht or -2.45%
2.STARK 4.52 baht -0.10 baht or -2.16%
3.RCL 53.00 baht -1.00 baht or -1.85%
4.CPF 26.75 baht -0.50 baht or -1.83%
5.EPG 12.20 baht -0.20 baht or -1.61%

While the SET100 index closed at 2,283.51 points, an increase of 15.17 points, or 0.67%, the SET50 index closed at 998.37 points, an increase of 6.55 points, or 0.66%, the mai market index closed at 669.89 points, an increase of 21.73 points, or 3.35%.

Mr. Nattapon Kamthakrua, Director of Securities Analysis Department of Yuanta Securities (Thailand), said that the Thai stock market has risen well today to test resistance at 1,680 points, with buying pressure on energy and technology sectors to lead the market. And gaining support from foreign sentiment, especially US stock markets, recovered on the back of a statement from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who had not rushed to cut QE measures more than previously scheduled. As a result, stock markets around the world have recovered quite well.

market trend tomorrow may move in a sideways swing or come down to rest a little will have to keep track of US inflation numbers To be announced tonight, if higher than expected, may be a cause for concern for investors. by assessing the support frame at 1,675 points and resistance at 1,685 points



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