[Bwyd Corea]The most fit man for the pepper mill is samurai Shouta Imanaga Spice 154 kg in branch point-Professional baseball: Nikkan Sports Premium

[Bwyd Corea]Shota Imanaga, the best looking man in a pepper mill among samurai, 154 kg of spices on the tipping point

SAMURAI JAPAN won the match against Korea and won consecutive victories. “Throwing philosopher” Shota Imanaga (29 = DeNA) relieved starting pitcher Yu Darvish, who suffered three runs in the third inning. Marked 154 km to update fastest self. We will present the full text of the hero interview and the uncut enclosure coverage after the game where we gave up 1 goal in the 3rd inning.

Professional baseball2023.03.11 05:30

◇ 1st Round Group B ◇10th ◇ Tokyo Dome

Japan’s batting streak resulted in 13 hits and 13 runs, making it a two-game winning streak in the first round. Starting pitcher Darvish allowed 3 runs including 2 runs in 3 innings and a surprise shutout. Behind him, consecutive walks made 1st and 2nd base without a fatality, and No. 1 Noot Bar and No. 2 Kondo hit consecutive times. 1 point difference. In addition, No. 5 Yoshida hit a timely double with the bases loaded with one kill, and was able to immediately reverse. The batting lineup continued to be active after that, and everyone from No. 2 Kondo to Ohtani, Murakami, and Yoshida gave up RBI. The pitchers from Imanaga in the second connected with Udagawa, Matsui, and Takahashi without danger, and did not pass the flow. On the 11th, we will face the Czech Republic, and pitcher Aki Sasaki will start.

“Take the power you don’t know”

hero interview

–Awesome pitches in important situations

Imanaga(I couldn’t hear anything at first) I’m glad the team won.

――Pitching right behind the back

ImanagaI had time to talk to Mr. Darvish, who had left the field, in the locker room, and he gave me information about the Korean batting lineup.

――WBC What kind of platform was it?

ImanagaWell, I tried my best. Thank you very much for your support today.

–Two straight wins. Towards the best in the world

ImanagaWe’re still waiting for an electric showdown, so hopefully, with your support, we’ll be able to bring out the power we don’t know. Thank you very much.

“Isn’t it better to go higher?”

Coverage around

— Fixed by 1 point

ImanagaIt was center field, so I went up to the mound thinking it would be nice if I could pitch one more time.

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