BYD’s CTB battery-body integration technology is released, and the first model equipped with the seal opens for pre-sale-China Quality News Network

BYD’s CTB battery-body integration technology is released, the first model equipped with the seal is opened for pre-sale

China Quality News Network (Yu Chang) Since the release of BYD’s blade battery, BYD’s R&D system has begun to be fully linked, leading the brand’s technology to a new level. On May 20, BYD released the CTB battery-body integration technology and the first e-platform 3.0 model equipped with CTB technology, the Seal. The seals opened the pre-sale on the same day, and the pre-sale price was 212,800-289,800 yuan.

Under the blessing of blade battery and DM-i system, many consumers have formed an excellent impression of hybrid technology, and the emergence of CTB technology has brought BYD’s technical image in the field of pure electric to a higher level.

The integrated design improves the safety of the whole vehicle and creates a “continuous collision electric vehicle”

BYD’s CTB battery body integration technology is simply to further integrate the battery cover and the body floor into one, from the original battery pack “sandwich” structure to the vehicle’s “sandwich” structure. The power battery system is both an energy body and a structural part. This fusion simplifies the body structure and production process.

In order to further integrate the battery and the body, the CTB blade battery pack is designed with a honeycomb aluminum structure. The blade battery cells are formed into a honeycomb core, and the upper cover and the floor form a honeycomb-like structure. The structure of nature’s natural growth has made a breakthrough in the structure of CTB blade batteries.

On-site BYD also conducted a 50-ton heavy-duty truck rolling test on the CTB blade battery. After the blade battery was crushed by a 50-ton heavy truck, the staff installed it on the vehicle, and then the vehicle drove away safely. This proves that CTB technology brings higher strength to the battery.

The high-strength battery itself is closely integrated with the body, which can bring higher rigidity to the body. BYD said that the torsional rigidity of the body of pure electric models equipped with CTB technology can easily exceed 40,000 N m/°. The e-platform 3.0 models equipped with CTB technology can improve the safety of the front impact structure by 50% and the side impact structure safety by 45%. “Crashing Electric Cars”.

A natural “athlete”, the perfect balance of control and comfort

The BYD Seal is the world’s first mass-produced vehicle equipped with CTB technology. Thanks to the safety and structural strength of the CTB blade battery pack, the performance indicators of the model allow engineers to realize their own ideas.

The center of mass brought by the CTB blade battery pack is more balanced, and the 50:50 golden axle load of the whole vehicle is realized. The superimposed body has strong rigidity, and the vehicle has better stability, lower inertia, and faster body response. It means that under various working conditions, the deformation of the vehicle is smaller, the body response is faster, and the vehicle curve handling experience is significantly improved.

As the first e-platform 3.0 model equipped with CTB technology, the seal model is a masterpiece of technology. Its elk test passed the vehicle speed of 83.5km/h, the single-line shift test passed the vehicle speed of 133km/h, and the maximum lateral stable acceleration was 1.05g.

In addition to drivability, the CTB brings more design space. The seal adopts a low-lying shape, and the wind resistance is as low as 0.219. The larger layout space allows SEAL to adopt a four-drive architecture of front asynchronous motor + rear synchronous motor. The zero-to-100 acceleration of the seal four-wheel drive version is as fast as 3.8 seconds.

At the same time, the energy consumption per 100 kilometers of the seal four-wheel drive version is as low as 12.7kWh, taking into account the multiple considerations of performance and energy consumption. In addition, all SEAL series are equipped with active air intake grille AGS as standard, which improves the waste heat utilization efficiency of the low-temperature heat pump system by 20%, and strives for excellence in every kilometer of battery life for users.

In terms of charging, the high-voltage electric boost charging solution of the e-platform 3.0 can increase the charging power through the high-voltage platform, make full use of the national standard current upper limit, realize wide-range constant power charging, and the battery life can exceed 300 kilometers after charging for 15 minutes; and it is fully compatible. All current public charging piles provide more suitable fast charging solutions for current Chinese consumers.

The CTB technology released by BYD this time is based on the combination of the previously released blade batteries. The e-platform 3.0 equipped with CTB technology has achieved new breakthroughs in safety, control, efficiency and aesthetics, bringing higher pure electric vehicle safety. Naturally, the seal is BYD’s practical exploration of the next generation of electric vehicles and its realization on products. (All pictures in the text are from BYD)

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