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C. Ronaldo is not backing down after breaking up with Manchester United…

On August 16 this year, in the face of overwhelming transfer rumors, C. Ronaldo(Cristiano Ronaldo)He wrote this on social media:

“When I do an interview in a few weeks, people will know the truth. The media lie, I have a notebook, and in the last months, out of 100 things they wrote, only 5 correctly.”

After a period of three months, twelve weeks later, the interview promised by C. Ronaldo finally came. The well-known host Piers Morgan released the preview content of the interview today, many of which are very exciting, such as C. Ronaldo He said that Tan Hage(Erik ten Hag)And two or three people in the club force him to leave the team, which makes him feel betrayed.

Speaking about the previous internal suspension, C. Ronaldo personally said:

“Because Tan Hag didn’t show me respect, I don’t respect him either. If you don’t respect me, I’ll never respect you.”

And this sentence has actually been hit by his disheartened supporters, the so-called Factos supporters.

As early as in the red double meeting against Liverpool, when C. Ronaldo was pulled out of the main selection and came on as a backup in the 86th minute, the fan wrote on social media:

“Tanhag didn’t let C. Ronaldo get the main choice until the end of the game with 5 minutes left in the game.(Anthony Martial)Fett(Frederick Rodrigues)Then play. To me, this is a very disrespectful move. “

And after that game, when Pannu(Bruno Fernandes)When asked about C. Ronaldo’s situation, his Portuguese compatriot said this sentence:

“There’s been a lot of speculation, but nobody talks about him better than C. Ronaldo. I might know a thing or two, but I won’t say it. C. Ronaldo is quiet. He’s been working this week. Well done, he’s been doing his job. At the moment he’s a Manchester United player and I don’t know if he’s going to leave. He’s said he’ll talk soon so you have time to hear what he has to say.”

As a result, what C. Ronaldo said was nothing more than some complaints.

As the content currently released by Piers Morgan is only a preview of some key clips, the full 90 minute interview will only be released on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so at this time, we we can only rely on such fragmentary content to spell out roughly. outline:

In the summer of 2021, when C. Ronaldo tries to leave Juventus, Ferguson(Alexander Ferguson)Tell him he can’t join Manchester City, so he says: “Okay, Boss.”

However, after returning to Manchester United, he found that Manchester United had hardly improved after Ferguson left the team, and the infrastructure and other conditions were almost the same as when he left the team and the obvious gap between Xiannu

“In my opinion, with the size of this club, they should be at the top and it’s a shame they’re not.”

In his eyes, this is clearly reflected in the choice of Manchester United head coaches, such as Tanhag’s predecessor, Lanlik(Ralph Rangnick):

“How can you be the manager of Manchester United if you’re not even a coach? I haven’t even heard of him.”

Of course, when evaluating Lanlik in this way, he would not care if he respected Lanlik. After all, in the latter’s tenure, he was replaced in the stalemate phase of the game for the first time, becoming a player who can be replaced ■ Priority non-core players. Moreover, according to media reports, Langlik has asked Manchester United to sell C. Ronaldo more than once.

So, when asked if Manchester United wanted to get rid of him, C. Ronaldo said:

“I don’t know, and I don’t care. Yes, I feel betrayed. Not just this year, but last year.”

Obviously, this series of experiences and encounters had caused C. Ronaldo great distress and made him feel that he was not respected. This was true for Langlik, Tan Hag, and even Manchester United.

He mentioned in the interview that when his son died in April, he felt the concern from Liverpool fans and other clubs. The British royal family also sent him and his family a private letter of condolence, but in July his daughter Tra in the hospital, Manchester United did not fully believe his reasons for losing before the season.

In the words of C. Ronaldo, it made him feel “hurt and bad.”

Therefore, he felt it necessary for him to reveal the “truth” behind all this to fans who cared about him, especially Manchester United fans, and let them know why Manchester United were not at the top.

“The fans are everything to me. That’s why I did the interview because I think this is the right time to express my thoughts.”

Unfortunately, this is not the right time.

Hours before Piers Morgan made these announcements, Manchester United had just won their last game before the World Cup, beating Fulham away from home.

The game not only allowed United to continue chasing Tottenham, Newcastle and Manchester City ahead of them, but it was also one of United’s many victories this season without relying on Ronaldo, who last represented United in the main election, the latter lost 1-3 to Aston Villa, Grancao(Alexander Garnacho)The legendary goal made Manchester United’s history of relying on youth training to succeed in the future which is expected to continue in the future. This is of great significance to Grancao, who failed to enter Tanhag’s sight due to disciplinary reasons at the start of the season . night

However, it is a shame that he, who should have been praised by the media, was robbed of the headlines by big brother, and big brother had many disciplinary problems this season, such as refusing coming on as a backup, leaving the game early before the end of the game, etc. Wait.

Indeed, C. Ronaldo should also appear at Fulham’s home court with his teammates.

According to Sky Sports reporter Kaven Solhekol, C. Ronaldo learned on Thursday that he will not be selected for the game against Fulham, but will enter the squad for the game, that is, after sitting on the bench again, claiming to the team that he was ill.

Of course, C. Ronaldo may also be very sick.. However, before the wave of Manchester last season, when he learned that he would not be drafted, he claimed that he had injured his hip flexor and returned to the country of Portugal sooner than expected. team.

This time, he can also join the Portuguese national team early to prepare for the upcoming World Cup.

So, this is not so much a heavy interview, but a series of complaints that have already been expressed by his sister, his entourage and diehard fans.

What he didn’t feel respected, what Manchester United didn’t improve, what cats and dogs can be Manchester United coaches, what the club betrayed, that’s all.

The reason why C. Ronaldo said this is because he has been influenced for a long time by the flatter “administrators” around him, and has lost his basic ability to judge things: when his manager Wendis spent the whole summer Did he show respect for Manchester United when he was selling C. Ronaldo all over Europe? Did he show respect to United when he left the pitch before the end of the pre-season game against Valiano? Was he showing respect to United when he wasn’t willing to come on late in the game as a substitute and walk down the tunnel in full view? Did he show respect to Manchester United when he was in the team as one and working together, giving interviews and criticizing this and that?

Now, C. Ronaldo has listed a lot of Manchester United’s lack of respect towards his performance.

This is the logic of C. Ronaldo and his team.

Maybe in their perspective, C. Ronaldo can still find a club that can participate in the Europa League, He can also attack the Europa League and even win the championship.

However, the facts may not be very friendly to C. Ronaldo: Manchester United did not receive a serious offer from the five major league clubs this summer, and only one Saudi club that C. Ronaldo did not like wanted to present Portugal to people.

In the media, Chelsea’s new boss burleigh(Todd Boehly)Want to bring him to Stamford Bridge, even because of this with coach Du Cao(Thomas Tuchel)There was a clash, and after the coaching change, they only finished 8th in the league, and they lost three games in a row in all competitions.

Regarding C. Ronaldo’s old club that can play in the Europa League – Sport, their coach Amorim will say in almost every interview that the club does not have enough salary space to receive C. Ronaldo. , the last time he was asked about it, he repeated:

“I am happy with my players and Ronaldo is a Manchester United player.”

So, let’s wait and see.

Let’s see if C. Ronaldo can find a Europa League club willing to accept him in the winter window after such a statement. We’ll see if he can get the goals he wants in the Europa League by then.

In view of the comments in this interview, not only the relationship between C. Ronaldo and Tan Hag, but also the relationship between C. Ronaldo and Manchester United Club has broken down irretrievably, so in the future, it’ both parties are likely to make an immediate decision to terminate the contract.

For C. Ronaldo, whether he can regain the favor of his next home potential, the next World Cup in Qatar will be his last chance.

Even, C. Ronaldo’s performance in the World Cup has no possibility of failure, otherwise it is likely to lead to a backlash of public opinion.


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