C919: Countdown to commercial operation of major Chinese-made airline, challenges Boeing and Airbus ‘still ten years away’ – BBC News

October 2, 2022

image source,Getty Images

On September 29, China’s first major domestic civil aircraft, C919, received a type certificate issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation of China, which proves that the design of this type meets the requirements of China’s domestic airworthiness regulations.

On September 30, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited an exhibition of C919 project achievements in Beijing and met with representatives of the project team. Xi Jinping said that letting China’s big planes fly in the blue sky carries the country’s will, the nation’s dream, and the people’s expectations.

The C919 is a 158 to 168-seat trunk civil aircraft, commonly known as a “domestic large aircraft” The project has been going on for 15 years, and the first aircraft is expected to be delivered by the end of this year .

The C919 benchmarks the Boeing B737 and Airbus A320, aiming to challenge the monopoly of the two aviation giants. But analysts believe it will take at least a decade for COMAC to pose a real threat to both.

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