Home Business Cabin public offering price of 39,000 won confirmed… Ranked 3rd in financial stock market cap at once (comprehensive)

Cabin public offering price of 39,000 won confirmed… Ranked 3rd in financial stock market cap at once (comprehensive)

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Institutional order 2,585 trillion ‘highest in history’… Compulsory commitment rate 45.3%

26-27 days general subscription

Kakao Bank Office

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Aram Kim = Kakao Bank (hereafter, Kabang) has confirmed the public offering price at 39,000 won, the upper end of the expected range.

Cabin announced on the 22nd the results of the demand forecast for institutional investors closed on the 21st.

Based on the confirmed offering price, the public offering amount is 2.55 trillion won, and the market capitalization after listing is 18.62 trillion won.

The expected market cap is based on the closing price of KB Financial[105560](21,538.9 billion won) and Shinhan Holdings[055550]It ranks third in financial stocks after (19.86 trillion won). The difference with Shinhan Holdings is only about 1.2 trillion won.

Hana Financial Group[086790](13,1,806) and Woori Financial Group[316140](8.414 trillion won) with ease.

1,667 institutions, including 1,287 domestic and 380 overseas, participated in the demand forecasting. The competition ratio is 1,732.83 to 1, the second highest in the history of the securities market.

The highest demand forecasting competition rate was 1,883 to 1 recorded by SK IE Technology (SKIET) in April.

The total order volume reached 2,585 trillion won, surpassing SKIET’s 2417 trillion won, reaching an all-time high.

In addition, all participating organizations that offered prices submitted their offering prices above the desired range.

The number of applications for institutions that participated in the mandatory retention commitment from the shortest 15 days to the maximum 6 months recorded 45.3% of the total application volume.

The ratio of confirmed quantity to application quantity is somewhat lower than that of SKIET (63.2%) and SK Bioscience (59.9%).

If the amount of pledged holdings is small, the amount of institutional stock for profit creation may be released when the stock price surges after listing.

Cabin, which issued a total of 65.45 million new shares, allocates 35,997,500 shares, or 55%, to institutional investors.

Cabin will receive general subscriptions from the 26th to the 27th.

Individual investors include KB Securities, the leading host, and the acquisition companies, Korea Investment & Securities, Hana Financial Investment, and Hyundai Motor Securities.[001500]You can apply from Duplicate subscription through multiple securities companies is not possible.

16,362,500 shares, 25% of the total volume, will be allocated to general subscribers. Of these, half are allocated equally, and the other half is carried out in a proportional manner.

Cabin is scheduled to go public on August 6th.

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