Cacti instead of eyes?… What happened to the snowy Alps

Alpine mountains in south-east Switzerland / AFP News

The Swiss Alps, which featured beautiful snowscapes, were covered in green. The British Guardian reported on the 10th (local time) that the Swiss landscape is changing due to global warming.

The media said, “Residents of the Valais canton in southern Switzerland are used to seeing slopes covered in snow in winter and edelweiss flowers in summer. However, as global warming intensifies, more and more of cacti growing.”

According to the report, cactus species belonging to the fan cactus family are currently proliferating throughout Valais.

Cactus propagation has also been reported in Sion, the capital of Valais. The media reported that cacti make up 23 to 30 percent of the area’s vegetation area. Biologist Jan Triponez from the Valais Department of Nature Conservation said that this cactus species is an invasive species.

Recent climate change has led to warmer weather in the Alps, which has reduced the amount of snow cover, which has created ideal conditions for cactus growth, the media explained. One expert said, “These species can withstand -10 to 15 degrees below zero without any problems.” “This cactus likes dry weather and hates snow.”

The Swiss authorities believe that cacti are encroaching on nature reserves and threatening biodiversity. “Nothing else will grow on this cactus,” explains Triponez. “The cactus leaves cover the soil and prevent other plants from growing.”


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