Cake Nutthawat informs about the news of Covid-19 Expected to get infected after meeting Pie Rinrada

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31 Dec. 2021 11:56 a.m.

after the female protagonist Pie Rinrada Kaewbuasai Post IG informing the news that he was infected with covid-19 on December 28, 2021 after fitting in a new drama at Chonlumpe Camp. And there is a team that went to fitting with 2 covids. The latest young actor Nutthawat Kaewbuasai Cake Pie’s brother is also infected with coronavirus. I guess it was from when I went to eat with my sister. and is now admitted to the hospital.

by Nutthawat Cake posted on IG to inform the news that “Because Cake received news of her sister’s coronavirus infection and had the opportunity to meet her sister. Cake therefore hurried to get tested and received the RT-PCR results. The results showed that he had “infected” covids. Now he has been admitted to the hospital. All details and timeline can be read above.”

and in the post Cake clarified her timeline as follows:

“Timeline and cake details from 24-30 Dec 2021
Dec 24 – Have a meal together at home. (It’s expected to get infected today)
25 Dec. – Go to Krung Thai Bank Central Rama 9 Branch
– Go to Krung Thai Bank Promenade Branch
– Eating at a friend’s house
26 Dec. – Drive a private car to Chiang Mai. stay at a relative’s house
27 Dec. – Go up to Chiang Dao and check in at homestay in Chiang Dao.
Dec 28 – Drive on to Fang. Heading to Doi Hom Pok
** In the evening I received a call from my sister saying I was infected **
– Return to the accommodation immediately
29 Dec. – went to check at Chiang Dao Hospital, but couldn’t be tested.
– Go to Chiang Mai-Ram Hospital for RT-PCR examination
– Return to the accommodation immediately
Dec 30 – Received the result that there was an infection.
– Admin Chiang Mai-Ram Hospital
* Wear a mask every day except when eating *”

with friends in the entertainment industry as well as fans who came to comment to encourage a lot Entertainment Thairath online would like to send encouragement and wish you a speedy recovery.

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