Calculator No. 12: Listen to vaccine answers by Narit Sekthira

Calculator No. 12: Listen to vaccine answers

Don’t look at security questions as annoying.
The more questionable cases of the COVID-19 vaccine’s effectiveness

And when there are questions, they have to be answered

One answer came from Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health

“I confirmed that I would be the first vaccinated recipient. COVID-19 vaccine It has been proven and confirmed that even if only 50, 60, or 70 percent were effective, all vaccines did not cause the symptoms to develop so severe.

If you are sick, you will not be seriously ill. And does not develop to cause death

If vaccinated, symptoms will improve even after some infection. Believe that in the future there must be improvements and developments “

One answer came from Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

“For Thai people, I decided not to take the risk. I am not willing to rush through the vaccinations that have not been fully tested. And refused to be an experimental country

So for your discretion So I have a policy that is important to ensure that vaccines are safe. So it can be used with Thai people

Which is my decision And comprehensive national vaccine management There will be a National Vaccine Committee to provide advice and close supervision. “

Another answer came from a medical professional.

Dr. Suthichai Wisuthichaikit, MD. Lecturer, Department of Infectious Diseases Faculty of Medicine Thammasat University

Dr. Suthichai mentions a vaccine from Sinovac China that has been questioned about its effectiveness.

“Considering the usage numbers in Brazil Found that the COVID-19 vaccine
Sinovac was able to prevent the occurrence of the disease with the condition by 78 percent, considered effective.

For 50 percent of the numbers that are talking about at the moment. It indicates the effectiveness in preventing the infected person. Either those with or without symptoms It is the nature of the vaccine “

Dr. Suthichai said that The swine flu vaccine dose in 2009 was effective in protection of only 40-60% of infection in both the show and the asymptomatic.

When compared to the flu vaccine Prevent death in the elderly well, about 70 percent, but if it is about preventing infection at all.

The numbers will fall around 50 percent.

Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccine is made from a deadly virus. This technology is a technology that has been used before, such as the rabies vaccine. Polio vaccine And the flu vaccine

Therefore, the medical profession of Thailand has been familiar for a long time.

For doctors, the most sought after and primary concern of vaccination is to prevent death. Reduce the severity of the disease And reduce hospitalization

And a trial study of ten thousand people found that the vaccinated group did not find people with severe symptoms of the disease.

Since there have been questions already. When the answer came out

When there is an answer, listen.

Narit Sektira
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