call center gang Rampant group of doctors reveal various tricks Claims to swipe card – involvement in money laundering

No excuses for supplies. Found a gang of call center victims to medical personnel Claims to have a mysterious credit card swipe to make purchases. secretly open credit card or claiming to find an account book involved in money laundering The original form was tricked into transferring money claiming to verify the account. after the secretary-general of the Medical Council called for DSI It revealed that about ten doctors had been hit.

Today (January 18) from the case of Pol. Gen. Itthaporn Klangcharoen, Secretary-General of the Medical Council of Thailand Submit a complaint to Mr. Traiyarit Temhiwong, Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to submit a complaint. In the case of a group of doctors being hit by a call center gang Claims to be an officer of the Department of Special Investigation Fraud to transfer money in case of involvement in money laundering cases It was found that a call center gang impersonating a DSI agent called a group of doctors claiming to be involved in a money laundering case. Must transfer money for account verification Initially, about 10 injured doctors were found, the damage did not exceed 10 million baht, which DSI received the matter and confirmed that DSI has no policy for the injured person to transfer money to check their accounts. And if there is an impersonating phone call, don’t be fooled into transferring money right away. Please contact the staff directly or call for preliminary inquiries first. because the damage happened very quickly As already reported in the news

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Additional news reports stated that Last week, there were medical personnel The call center gang called. Claiming to be a government official such as the police, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has accused the end of the line of being involved in illegal activities such as having an unprecedented credit card. to swipe to buy gold, claiming to be used to activate a bank card and then there is an outstanding balance or claiming to have arrested a suspect More than 30 books were found, and one of them belonged to the other end of the line. accused of being involved in a money laundering case by foreseeing personal information and ID card number startled the end of the line before transferring the call to the police or DSI and persuaded to transfer money Claims to check the account But when transferring money into an account provided by a group of crooks will transfer money quickly and eventually close all kinds of communication channels

However, such scammers has adapted quickly When the police came out to warn the call center gang. in the form of residual parcels abroad also change the pattern of offense and change the target audience continually To prevent people from being caught, such as using a VOIP phone number (call over the Internet) or using a fake phone number calling program which people who install the application screen number will not be accessible Referring to a third party who is a police or DSI to make the caller feel scared and ready to transfer money according to the persuasion by the aforementioned call center gang From past police arrests, it was found that they used neighboring countries. a place of offense and used the horse account which was bought from the money-heated people. Hire to open an account to sell. Once the victim has transferred the money, the money will be transferred to the second, third and subsequent accounts online. so that the police can’t trace before being transferred to the participants

Currently, the number of damages in 2021, there are more than 1,600 victims who have filed a fraud report in this manner with the Technology Crime Investigation Headquarters (AOT) or the Cyber ​​Police, more than 1,600 people, the damage value is more than 1,000 million baht for dealing with gangs. center Initially, record the conversation. Do not disclose personal information Don’t be impatient with threats. and politely declined Confirm that only to wait for a summons at home and will go to see the investigator by himself do not transfer money in all cases by always adhering to the principle that If sincere is not breaking the law, do not be afraid. If a group of scammers find out about personal information or if accidentally telling personal information to report to the local police station to record as evidence In the event that information is misused in the future As for those who are lost to transfer money to scammers Immediately report to the police station in the area of ​​residence. for further legal proceedings




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