Call for exam 4, horse account owner, dentist lost 68 million! Fooled by a former factory girl

Call for exam 4, horse account owner, dentist lost 68 million! Fooled by a former factory girl Revealed that he was afraid of being a co-perpetrator. Hurry up to show himself. There are up to 13 people. Some of them are unlucky to carry debt instead of 3.5 million.

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From the case of Miss Kob (alias), a former factory girl in Lamphun Province, deceived Dr. Rabbit. which is a dentist Opened a clinic in downtown Lamphun. Invest in masks Iron trade and copper trade Total damage of more than 68 million baht since 2019 from the investigation. The money gained from this fraud was found to have been transferred to the accounts of friends and relatives. Officials have ordered all related accounts to be frozen. Before the group showed sincerity to the investigating officer Industrial Estate Police Station, Lamphun Province, because he was afraid that he would become a participant in the crime. According to the news already

The latest progress on May 31, 65, Mr Chai (name fictitious), 56 years old, and Mrs. Porn (name fictitious), 55 years old, met. Police Lieutenant Colonel Sakchai Pornjermkul, Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Industrial Estate Police Station After both accounts were frozen. because the inspector found that there was a link to the case with Ms. Kob

From the investigation, it was revealed that in this case Ms. Kob had borrowed 2 million baht from her aunt and uncle-in-law, but had not yet returned the money. Both of them kept asking until Ms. Kob came to defraud the dentist of 2.5 hundred thousand baht, claiming to be used to pay for the steel auction from the factory in the industrial estate. During the month of April ’64 But the truth is used to the debt itself. Until it became a horse account, the bank account was frozen by officers causing the family to suffer hard

Later, Mr. Dong (alias) aged 30 and Ms. Jeab (name fictitious) aged 31 years, his girlfriend traveled from Phitsanulok to testify with the investigating officer. Industrial Estate Police Station After the account was also frozen, where Mr. Dong was impersonated as the owner of a car-sharing company and Ms Jeab was impersonated as a purchasing officer of a company in Bangkok by tricking the victim into transferring money through his account, amounting to 1.5 hundred thousand baht. and 3 hundred thousand baht

By Mr. Dong testified that he worked in the marketing of a credit company. In the city of Chiang Mai, where Ms. Kob is a customer and transfers the payment through her bank account for many years. And the company sees that Ms. Kob has good credit, thus increasing the credit line. until they are familiar with each other and borrow their bank accounts Claims that a friend transferred the money to pay the debt and told Mr. Dong to deduct the installment from this amount. After that, Ms. Jeab’s bank account was borrowed until both accounts were frozen. before interviewing the aforementioned police

And earlier, Ms. Love (alias) 40 years old and Mr. Rit (alias) 30 years old, employees of a company in an industrial estate. have interviewed the investigating officer Industrial Estate Police Station In the event that the account was frozen because there was money through Ms. Love’s account 24 million baht, while Mr. Rit’s account had money transferred in 5.4 million baht from 64-65 over a period of about 1 year, with money from Ms. Kob transferred via Bank accounts of both people up to 159 times, totaling 29.4 million baht. In addition, Ms. Kop also tricked Ms. Love to secure a 3.5 million baht loan from the informal system and took the money away, leaving Ms. .Love was threatened by an informal loan gang and had to pay the debt. It’s not over yet

which, from an examination with a high-ranking police source, found that The person who is a horse account receives a transfer from Dr. Rabbit. There are 13 victims who were deceived by Ms. Kop and who were colluded with Ms. Kob. Eight of them have now come to testify with investigators who own the case, with a total of 40.7 million baht in their accounts. Some people work at the same place as Miss Kob and have millions of baht in their accounts without knowing where they come from. have met with investigators to record a daily record as evidence

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