Campaign in Cantonment Sony: More than 20 South Collector: Nattu Visesham

Thiruvananthapuram: Local Self-Government Institution Election Campaign Extreme caution should be exercised when performing loan activities in container zones. District Collector Dr. New Jyot Khosa. Containment Sony is an event in which more than 20 people participate. Do not perform on. Large crowds outside the container zone should be avoided. The Collector requested. Restrictions are part of the code defense.

Do not follow the election campaign as part of the code defense Join us today at the MCC Monitor to tighten the guidelines Said the Collector at the meeting in Ring Cell. The MCC squads should pay special attention to this. A one-time location during a home visit as part of the campaign Strictly follow that there are only five people including the candidate. The collector said no more.
177 Violatively Installed Propaganda Tools Anti-Defeasment Squad And FIG. Election Campaign by Political Parties and Candidates Anti-Face to check if the parties are legally compliant. Formed by Men’s Squads. Their work will be further intensified in the coming days. The increase in the number of squads will also be examined.

Established on the fronts by political parties and other organizations. Promotional billboards and posters will be removed within two days. യ്യണം. In the event of a fall, the Election Squad will remove the item and its cost. Candidates of the respective political parties are included in the election expenses. The collector said.


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