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When evaluating a diver’s watch, it is easy to review it based on the specifications. However, even divers’ watches are originally used in daily life. Therefore, this time, I focused on the “wearing feeling” of the entire watch, focusing on the wearing feeling, and wore Citizen’s “Promaster CC5006-06L” for two weeks. Measure how much ability you have as a companion to your daily life.

Shinichi Sato: Sentences and photos
Text & Photographs by Shinichi Sato
Article published on May 30, 2022

The shape of the case, which is large but fits comfortably on the wrist, is highly evaluated. The dial design with high visibility is also good. In addition, the design of this work is also characterized by being compatible with outdoor wear.

When Citizen makes a high-spec tool watch, it is a standard practice to combine a surface-treated titanium case with a photovoltaic “eco-drive”. In addition, a GPS satellite radio wave reception function may be added there. The “Promaster CC5006-06L” that is impressed this time is a diver’s watch with a configuration that covers all of these, and is a model that seems to be Citizen. In the case of such a model, we tend to pay attention to the specifications, but this time we would like to focus on the feeling of use such as wearing feeling and make impressions. How strong is Citizen, who has been working on tool watches for many years?

Golden ratio of Citizen’s high-spec tool watch

This work is “the world’s first 200m water resistant diver’s watch compatible with ISO6425 as a photovoltaic GPS satellite radio clock”. In a little more detail, the “eco-drive” of photovoltaics can prevent the timekeeping function from stopping during diving, and if GPS is captured, not only will it be possible to display accurate time, but it will also require work around the world. It is a full-fledged diver’s watch that has a function to automatically adjust the time without having to. The power reserve is about 2 years when the needle is in operation, and about 7 years when the power is saved.

Promaster Marine CC5006-06L

Citizen “Promaster Marine CC5006-06L”
Photovoltaic radio quartz (Cal.F158). Power reserve Approximately 2 years during normal operation (approximately 7 years during power save). Super Titanium + Duratect DLC + Duratect MRK + DLC (diameter 47.0mm, thickness 15.6mm). Water resistant to 200m. 165,000 yen (tax included).

The case is made of Super Titanium, which is Citizen’s specialty, and Duratect MRK is applied to the titanium material to harden the surface layer of the material by infiltrating gas from the surface, and Duratect DLC is layered on top of it to create a glossy black color. The combination of these makes the case lightweight, scratch resistant, smooth and scratch resistant.

The combination of “Eco-Drive + Titanium Case + Duratect” or the method of adding GPS satellite radio reception here is the golden ratio of Citizen’s high-spec model. Like this work, it is easy to overlook if there are many points of interest in terms of functions, materials, and surface treatment, but the author thinks that good usability, including wearing comfort, is important for tool watches. How strong is that?

Excellent wearing feeling for a very large case

This work is quite large with a diameter of 47.0 mm and a thickness of 15.6 mm. Although made of lightweight titanium material, it weighs 101g in combination with a thick rubber strap and has a strong presence when held in the hand. The author felt that it was “heavy for the material” because there was previous information that it was made of titanium. If the case diameter was necessary to increase the power generation area at the same time as making the dial wider to improve visibility, it is doubtful that this thickness was inevitable.

Promaster Caseside

The case has a large diameter of 47 mm and a thickness of 15.6 mm. In addition, the weight is reasonable for titanium. However, the actual wearing feeling is good. This is probably because the overall length is not so long with respect to the case diameter, and the grip of the strap is high.

If you put it on your arm and adjust the strap tightly, the impression when you pick it up will be a little different. With my wrist with a circumference of 17.5 cm, this work is large, but the lugs are short and the protrusion is small, and the fit to the wrist is good. The thickness of the case and the pop-out of the case back are well controlled by the lug shape and strap. With this fit, even people with a slightly thinner arm than the author may match, so I recommend trying on it as well as the numbers and the image you picked up. However, it’s easy to see that it’s unfashionable to talk about how this model fits in your sleeves.

Also, once you wear it, the weight is not too much to worry about, so it feels light. The center of gravity tends to be high because the case back has a large protrusion and is thick, but it is made of titanium and is lightweight for its size, so it is possible to keep the violence when wearing it small. If it was made of stainless steel, the feeling of wearing it might have been broken, so the effect of making it made of titanium appears.

Promaster Marine CC5006-06L

The strap is made of urethane. In addition to the one with a wave pattern for normal times, a longer one for diving is also included. Both are thick and strong enough.

The surface of the strap is engraved with a wave pattern reminiscent of the sea and is made of thick urethane. It is soft and chewy, and it feels good to wear. The buckle is also made of titanium and looks and feels good. The strap is a little long and there is a surplus on my wrist, but since it is a full-scale diving model, it may be a length that is suitable even when wearing a wet suit. When I looked it up with that in mind, it seems that an extension band is also included from here. Perhaps they are assuming extra-thick clothing that can be submerged in the Arctic Ocean.

In addition, the grip of the strap is high. This has the advantage of not slipping when worn, but it also causes the leather to be tightly inserted and caught. Also, it is difficult to pull out by the same principle. I think this was a necessary specification from the viewpoint of preventing accidents during diving.

Promaster Marine Strap

As with all Citizen divers’ watches, the strap has a high grip on the loose leather and fixed leather so that it is difficult to put on and take off in everyday use. But on the contrary, you don’t have to worry about it coming off unexpectedly while diving. It can be said that it is a Citizen-like consideration to tackle this field seriously enough to apply the new standard of ISO6425 to all divers’ watches.

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