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Correspondent Li Hongdian / Taipei Report

▲ The situation in the Taiwan Strait has continued to rise in recent years, and related issues have attracted global attention. (Image / image data)

The situation in the Taiwan Strait is rising If there is a conflict between the two sides, will China block Taiwan? Hu Caiping of believes that although Taiwan is small, it has a long coastline. Conversely, China’s coastline is so short compared to the country’s land, but it has to supply 1.4 billion people. One, all the others will be paralyzed.” This topic sparked discussions, and the lawyer Lin Zhiqun also said, if China can block Taiwan, why can’t Taiwan block China? “Well, Taiwan really did this!”

Lawyer Lin Zhiqun pointed out that in the 1950s, on the United Nations world map, the Taiwan Strait and the mainland coast were marked as places where pirates appeared! These “pirates” are none other than the Navy of the Republic of China! The government of the Republic of China announced a “closed policy” in the 1950s, sending its navy to patrol the Taiwan Strait to completely blockade the mainland’s coastal areas. All mainland merchant ships were captured or sunk. As long as merchant ships foreign shipping supplies to coastal areas on mainland China, they would be caught by Taiwan. The navy stopped and even kept them back to Taiwan The Taiwanese navy would shoot directly at merchant ships that were disobedient. At that time , even foreign merchant ships on high seas were also stopped and detained. .

Among the ships captured by the Taiwanese Navy are: Britain, the Soviet Union, Italy, Poland, Norway, Greece, Panama and other countries. Of course, all these countries protested against Taiwan, but Taiwan was a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council at the time. Naturally, the country’s demonstrations (?) are not taken to heart.

The British Far East Fleet (there was a Korean War at that time, so Britain sent a fleet to the Far East) also had several frictions with the Taiwanese Navy because of this, and there were even some shooting actions together. At that time, whether it was a Chinese merchant ship or a foreign one, seeing an armored ship with a blue sky, white sun and red flag along the ground was like seeing a ghost!

Lawyer Lin Zhiqun said those interested can refer to the paper “Block the Coast of the Mainland – The “Closed Policy” of the Government of the Republic of China, 1949-1960″ by Lin Hongyi of the Institute of History of National Chengchi University.

Going back to the present, with the current strength of the Chinese navy, the only one who can block China’s coast is the United States. It is impossible for Taiwan to block China’s coast. But if there is a real war, a group of ships will dodge far away, and a group of missiles in Taiwan will sink all suspicious merchant ships when they see them approaching. Of course, foreign ships must divert, why no chinese merchant ships ? China is really going to engage in a blockade war, and take a look at how many ships are passing around Taiwan. Lawyer Lin Zhiqun also posted a photo, “It is a situation of ships passing through the waters around Taiwan at the time of the Lord Japanese, Korean and even Chinese cargo ships and oil tankers, Which is not use the waterways around Taiwan? If you want to block it, Japan, South Korea, and the homeland of merchant ships will not jump up? The United States will not jump up?”

Lawyer Lin Zhiqun also said that the United States participated in both world wars Except for the Pearl Harbor incident, the main reason was that the security of freedom of navigation was violated! The United States is a sea power, and freedom of navigation is its core interest. Any country that wants to block waters must first face the US Navy. “The first Piece One was Chiang Kai-shek!”

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