Can “Covid Vaccine – Flu Vaccine” be injected at the same time? Check before vaccination.

epidemic situationCOVID-19 started to go viral again according to the doctor’s prediction That COVID will come back to spread again in November-January, which is the winter season. along with more relaxation measures the Ministry of Public Health recommends to the public especially risk groups to have a booster vaccination If 4 months have passed since the previous dose of vaccination

At the same time, aside from COVID, the situationflu It also came back to spread and the symptoms of the disease were similar and different. flu vaccination is still necessary Even if there is an injectionvaccine for covidalready because it is a different type of virus But a question still arises. vaccinationCovid is gone. He will be able to sprayflu vaccineWhen can it be done or can it be vaccinated at the same time?

Dr. Songkiat Udomphonwattana, the doctor, administrator of the Contagious page, is very simple. If you have recovered from a COVID infection for 3 months or had the previous dose of the vaccine 3-4 months ago, you should go and get it.vaccine for covid and flu without distance can be vaccinated against the flu together with the COVID vaccine (spraying on each arm is recommended) especially people in risk groups to reduce the severity of the disease and reduce the risk of death from complications

flu vaccine How important is it during the COVID outbreak?

due to flu and COVID-19 having similar symptoms It can affect the diagnosis. and medical treatment If a patient is infected with these 2 diseases at the same time making the illness more serious More complications can occur. and have a higher chance of death

So, vaccinate againstfluTherefore, it is necessary during the outbreak of COVID-19. Because if he is infected with COVID but received the flu vaccine before It will reduce the treatment time. Reduce the severity of the disease from complications. and reduce the mortality rate

repeat that Flu vaccine can be given along withvaccine for covidYes, there is no space between the two vaccines.

When should I get the flu vaccine?

flu vaccine should be annual It is recommended to spray before the rainy season. (May) or before winter (During October), which is the start of the flu epidemic season.

flu vaccine Who got a free shot?

  • For patients with the following diseases or conditions
  1. Patients with 7 chronic disease groups, namely COPD, asthma, cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  2. Individuals aged 65 and over
  3. Aphasia unable to help themselves
  4. People with thalassemia and immunocompromised people (including symptomatic HIV-infected)
  5. people who are obese (Weight over 100 kilograms or BMI over 35 kilograms per square metre)
  6. Children between 6 months and 2 years
  7. Pregnant women 4 months or more
  • Insured persons aged 50 and over, 1 time per 1 person per year in a medical facility determined by the social security

Flu Vaccine VS Covid Vaccine

COVID vaccination point

  • institute of dermatology

Open to book a vaccination queue on Saturday, December 17, 2022 (no service on December 3, 10, 24, 31) in the meeting room on the 20th floor of the Institute of Dermatology, business hours 9:00 -15:00. and register at the injection point (walk in)

  • Thai people / foreigners / aliens
  • from 5 years old
  • each needle
  • (The stimulation needle from the 3rd dose onwards should be separated from the previous one.
  • at least 120 days)

The types of vaccines available are: Pfizer purple cap, Pfizer orange cap

Order an injection in advance click here

check registration results on Friday, December 16, 2022 by application “Bang Sue Vaccine” or at the Institute of Dermatology


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