Can Dez Bryant fill Michael Gallup's void?

With the front receiver Michael Gallup going under the knife, would it be time for Dez Bryant to return to Big D and to start the Dallas Cowboys?

As people, we love player symmetry that begins and ends his career with the same franchise. As a fan, we love the romance that was coming together again. So it does not mean but when WR, Michael Gallup, Dallas Cowboys second year went down, Dez Bryant's name went forward quickly.

Dez Bryant was not long ago as the main dog on the Dallas Cowboys reception corps. But reduced production mixed with high price tag and volatile sideline presence made the favorite fans suddenly wear.

There have been so many changes since it is hard to believe that only 17 months ago. But all these changes make it possible to do this (from a dual streaming perspective, that is).

When Dallas said goodbye to his TD franchise leader, they did so because he was no longer the receiver. 1 they were paying for. Although Dez does not allow change to be a No option. 1, the state of the Cowboys Dallas HAS.

Dallas is not on the market for No. These are in Amari Cooper. Dallas Cowboys needs a second choice. Many believe that Dez could be.

Now Dez Bryant can't walk into a replacement for Michael Gallup. As Gallup cannot be in second year, Dak Prescott's goal is this season (15 goals). It is a deep threat, an intermediate threat and a threat to the short courtyard. Dez would only have two – maybe – of them.

As a possession receiver and red belt weapon, Dez Bryant can still be a productive player, but as a significant threat, Dez does not scare anyone.

Better Choice?

After a fruitful demonstration and weekly performance of week 2, Devin Smith created it as a significant threat and perhaps more. The former picked the second round to overcome his share of something (2 significant knee injuries) and he is now showing what kind of potential he brings. But it might not be wise to put all the eggs in Devin Smith's basket, but it would be worthwhile not giving him as many opportunities to progress as they can.

Cedrick Wilson is an alternative. The high risk of play at Boise State has not been proven, but it has undeniable potential. Unlike Dez, Wilson can play both indoors and outdoors and he plays Z (Gallup) and slots specifically, and X is basically the base (Amari Cooper's primary location). Wilson and Smith fill the better void.

Not even the magic

As fun it is thought humbled Dez Bryant helping the Cowboys Dallas out and Michael Gallup coming back from the knee surgery, it is a movement that offers more risk than rewards available. With a room to make your Dez would require another young hero to give up, and I think we can all agree that we love Dallas Cowboys depth this season.

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Should Dez Bryant quit Dallas Cowboy? Sure. But he has no place in the Dallas Cowboys team. Team chemistry is too strong to mess with and promises to surrender high-level talent. The time is Devin Smith and Cedrick Wilson.

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