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“There were a lot of wasted attacks this season.”

Can Softbank, which allowed V ORIX’s big reversal, improve with the climax series (CS)? CS’s first leg with Seibu, which will open at PayPay Dome on the 8th. Will they be able to break through here and bring in another game with Orix, who will stay in the final stage (Kyocera Dome Osaka, opens on the 12th)? Baseball critic Tetsuya Iida, once a coach at Softbank, verified the key to revenge. The point is the catcher Takuya Kai and “baseball to score one point”.

In reducing the winning magic to 1, it is surprising V. For Softbank, it was a humiliating result at the last minute. There is no doubt that the damage is great. When facing the first stage of the CS, a change of mind is essential. Mr. Iida said, “I think it’s tough mentally, but if you get into CS while it’s tough, it’s over in no time.” “I want you to show your enthusiasm ‘I’m going to be the best in Japan,’ without being dragged down,” he said.

It is worth to Mr. Iida mentioned his name as the key man of the falcon. “(regular season) I think it’s right to change the distribution of the pitches completely. If you make the opponent think, ‘Huh?’, you win.” Because he became a representative catcher in the baseball world, his opponents have been studying the lead. If you take advantage of it, it will become a new weapon. Mr. nodded. Iida, “I expect that from Kai.”

In the first stage against Seibu, the point is to deal with the main gun, the infielder Hodaka Yamakawa. In the regular season, he had a 2-run walk-off in the one-day game at Magic 1. In the 11th inning, 1-1, pitcher Teruya Fujii, who went up to the mound in the 5th, was hit by sorrow “One hit is scary. It might decide the game. Don’t you think you don’t have to play badly? One way is to make him walk. In a short-term decisive battle, you can’t make one mistake .,” said Iida, Mr. How will Kai lead the ace Kodai Senga, who will start in the first game? He emphasized, “If we are beaten in Senga, the Hawks will suffer immediately. It is important.”

Mr. said Iida also, “I think the Hawks will be strong if they use bunts and finish runs to score a point.” “This season, I tended to rely on repeated hits and repeated hits, and I had the impression that I wasn’t able to score when I should have. I was forced to hit normally, and as a result, I fell into attack or flying, and there were many cases where runners could not advance. I feel like a lot of attacks were wasted,” and I raised the issue.

Mr Iida believes the key to SoftBank’s revenge is whether it can play a different way to the regular season.

(Shinji Yamaguchi)

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